Izia by Sisley – a fragrance for all the facets of woman


As exceptional as the roses within it, as intimate as a garden, as captivating as a masterpiece. Like a shroud of silk, Izia is a fragrance for you, and you alone. It is alive, palpable, bursting with energy and enduring. It speaks to all generations of women. Izia’s inspiration comes from nature, the tender caress of dew at dawn. The scent is modern and enchanting.

The scent

It opens with highly sophisticated top notes of white bergamot from Calabria, accentuated with hints of freesia and tea. It introduces brilliance and clarity. With its lemony, sparkling facets, pink peppercorn subtly enhances the uplifting bergamot.
Izia’s exuberant soul is a lifelike individual rose. It reveals a lemony floral heart with refreshing notes of pear. You can also find a luminous whisper of fresh petals of jasmine, peony, and lily of the valley. Vibrant, green angelica adds powdery, leafy nuances to the bouquet. In the base notes, the d’Ornano Rose accord and powdery musk linger in an incredibly feminine way. The woody warmth of cedar provides structure, while the drydown note of amber, both masculine and feminine at once, transcribes a modern sensuality. Izia is a perfume that you notice and commit to memory, long after its scent trail has dissipated.

The signature fragrance of Isabelle d’Ornano

Izia, pronounced Ijia, is a Polish diminutive for Isabelle. Handwritten letters signed by Isabelle d’Ornano to members of her family are peppered with these two sing-song, childlike syllables. Isabelle d’Ornano embellished the surrounding garden with shrubs, cedars, hydrangeas, honeysuckle, wisteria and sculptures.
When Isabelle created the garden, she also planted roses, little knowing that one day one of them would inspire the distinctive notes of Izia. These roses reserve their sweetest scent for the moment when they are cut. Their label faded over time, they do not have a name, but this mystery renders them even more beautiful and alluring.

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