It's Like  A Jungle Sometimes This Seasons Hottest Trend 

It’s Like  A Jungle Sometimes: This Seasons Hottest Trend 

by Charlotte Smith

This Seasons Hottest Trend: Animal Print

Love it or hate the animal print trend, the questions is how do you wear it?  I have a loathing for when I have a gift voucher or money to spend and do not know what to spend it on.  For weeks I have been going back and forth from store to store and site to site looking for the piece of the animal print that suits me.  I usually prefer jungle prints on my feet or on my arm.  How do you pull it off from head to toe?


It's Like  A Jungle Sometimes This Seasons Hottest Trend 


Can you do it? Well taking a page out of Vogue for some inspiration.   They give you the guide to what pieces to look for online.  What is your flavour can you do a head to toe look.   I would prefer to go the Kate Moss style and maybe just get a coat.

Knowing how to wear leopard print comes down to this one simple, unwritten rule: Treat it like any black item in your wardrobe. Yes, this might seem counterintuitive, but adding a little leopard to any outfit upgrades and harmonises a look.


The animal print trend, the questions is how do you wear it?

True, leopard print has often walked the line between tacky and luxurious, but time and again that fashionista’s can’t resist it. The leopard prints popularity began with one designer and his muse, Christian Dior and Mitzah Bricard. Bricard was fascinated by leopard print, and as a result, during the ’50s, Dior created a range of his accessories featuring the design, elevating leopard to be the must-have print of the moment and it’s back this season and into Spring.



Leopard print coats and blazers are all over the high-street this season. Pair yours with a pair of black jeans, sneakers and a white tee for the day and an LBD and heels as the day gets darker.  For a more wintery look, I  suggest mixing chunky knits and leather trousers to make that over-the-shoulder coat swing even more dramatic

If you want to go all the way like Tom Ford then get a suit so you can wear it together or mix and match your ensemble. You can also opt to just wear a top with a jungle print motif.

Yet my all time favourite would be a pair of shoes or boots.  They add the extra sexiness to your outfit with a little bit of animal appeal. Glad to say I already have a pair of these in my shoe closet.  In 2018, there are plenty of fashionable ways to enjoy it and you don’t have to always break the bank. You can find many different choices between cheap and expensive-looking leopard prints for you.

Maybe it is time to take a bite out of the trend and go head to toe Aimal print, stay tuned to our Instagram to see how we rock it.


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