Introducing the babybox by eve exclusively for mothercare

Sleep brand eve has launched a babybox, featuring artwork by designer Clifford Richards and created exclusively for mothercare. The babybox, available in two bold designs, goes on sale in early June 2017 at for £99. The babybox is packed full of newborn essentials from mother care. It is also an ideal secondary sleep space for babies at nap time, making it the perfect gift for new parents.

Kuba Wieczorek, founder and CMO, eve: ‘At eve, we’re known for making the world’s most comfortable mattress and as we start to extend our product range, it made sense for a babybox to be next on the list. Designed by the iconic Clifford Richards, the box also comes with a free, exclusive print. I’m very excited to have had the chance to collaborate with Clifford on this project. We’re all big fans of his work.’

the babybox by eve (9)

What’s inside the babybox

The babybox is filled with essential items from mother care. These include Water Wipes and crib sheets as well as sleep suits, muslins and a crib blanket. Plus, there is a unique Clifford Richards print inside that’s perfect to frame and hang on the nursery wall. 

The babybox design

In an exclusive collaboration with designer Clifford Richards, the babybox features unique, wrap-around artwork in either a flora or fauna design. Known for his bold, colourful and graphic designs in the sixties, much of Clifford Richards’ work from that era is now on display at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

The mattress by eve

The mattress inside the babybox is created by eve’s team of mattress experts. The main material used in the mattress is a specialist nursery grade high density foam. The cover is washable (at 60 degrees) and quick drying. It is ultra-breathable, thanks to the use of Cairfull ® fabric. It is 400 times more breathable than a standard mattress fabric. The 3D spacer technology in the fabric means that airflow can move from side to side and up and down, providing extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort for your babyThe box will include tips for safe sleeping.

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