Introducing Alladale in collaboration with Natura Siberica


We recently discover an amazing, organic brand called Natura Siberica. This award-winning range brought the power of unique Siberian wild flowers and herbs to the UK. They recently announced a brand new collection in collaboration with Scotland’s Alladale Wilderness Reserve. The leading manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics discovered this new haven of enriching Highland flora and fauna.

Alladale in the Scottish Highlands depicts severe and savage nature conditions, enriching nutrients are created as a result. The harsh climate of Alladale compliments that of Siberia. It opens up a wealth of nutritional flora to include in a new range of Natura Siberica products.

As severe climates encourage indigenous plants to “fight for life”, their daily struggle accumulates a vast amount of nutrients. Natura Siberica’s meticulous process brings out the purest nutrients to complement their natural brand.

Naturally purifying and rejuvenating benefits are plentiful in the ingredients, which include Scottish Thistle, Juniper, Bog Myrtle and Heather. Certified Cosmos Natural by the UK Soil Association, this collection of natural sourced products is blended with Siberian herbs, berries and flowers.

The Alladale collection encapsulates the strong power of the wild and untouched nature. When combined together, the properties of Scottish and Siberian herbs create extremely revitalising, beneficial and natural products. I am personally a massive fan of Natura Siberica hair mask, but the collection has more to offer.

The Natura Siberica and Alladale collection

Modelling Natural Body Scrub: A blend of Scottish Thistle and Siberian Ashberry creates this cultivating scrub that administers necessary vitamins to skin while moisturising

Nourishing & Repairing Hand Cream: With vitamins to boost firmness and elasticity, Wild Scottish Thistle and Siberian Rhodiola Rosea perfect this conditioning cream

Repairing Natural Hair Mask: In just seven minutes, a combination of Scottish Thistle and Siberian Cedar strengthens hair while moisturising deeply through the roots

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