Interview Exclusive | Timo Weiland’s Zenni Optical Collaboration

by Tillie Eze

Zenni celebrated the Metropolitan Collection’s debut by collaborating with beloved fashion designer, Timo Weiland. Weiland acted as creative director creating a short film honoring those who constantly change the norm through their story. Featuring 14 different eye wear styles altered for today’s way of life,  the Metropolitan Collection too is inspired by those who produce their own story, unapologetically.

Recently, we had chance to hear more about their partnership and the “In The Element” short from Timo himself.

Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration with Zenni and why you agreed to work with them in lieu of others?
Zenni felt like a natural fit because of the diversity of the product range and the audience. As a design team, we have ADD and thus having the most wide array of options, colors, shapes, etc. was very exciting! The Metropolitan Collection is very reflective of our personality living in New York and being obsessed with architecture since childhood. I had over 300 Architectural Digest magazines collected by the time I left home for university!

You acting as creative director, the video is very much through your eyes in a way, but it seems Zenni conveys a message of “seeing things differently.” What about the Metropolitan Collection communicates this message without being so loud?
Zenni’s way of seeing things differently is charmingly and unexpectedly accessible to everyone. The Metropolitan Collection exudes a creative & sophisticated aesthetic without feeling contrived or elitist. We came together over embracing the philosophy of eyewear for everyone because I do not think that a beautiful product has to be esoteric or otherworldly.

Do you have any favorites from the line? 
The Johnson in tortoise! I also wore the Pei in brown and really like the van der Rohe style!


As you wear glasses, do you have a pair that are just YOUR pair? Or do you have multiple that you switch between for whatever reason?
Another way that I became obsessed with Zenni was through my own habit of collecting multiple frames, glasses, sunnies, etc. Every pair aligns in its own way with a different look from my daily wardrobe. Going from design studio to DJ gig usually switching things up throughout the day to night.

Elaborating on that a bit, glasses have become such a huge key outfit accessory – what should eyeglass wearers take into consideration when purchasing a pair that will be worn daily (ie. to brunch with friends or night on a date night)?
Simple, sharp, and neutral.

From corporate analyst to DJ to world renowned designer and tons in between. What do you think will be the next thing you cross off your career bucket list? 
I’m doing it – creative director of films 🙂 and other brands in the consumer space. I love how different each day is!

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