Interview Exclusive| Fashion Stylist SULKYDOLL AKA DONNA McCulloch

Interview Exclusive| Fashion Stylist SULKYDOLL AKA DONNA McCulloch

by Charlotte Smith

Fashion Stylist SULKYDOLL AKA DONNA McCulloch

We at Style Cartel are always on the hunt for interesting people like SULKYDOLL AKA Donna McCulloch. It is always fun discovering people who are an inspiration and who have an interesting story.  Sulky Doll aka Donna is a Stylist, who works on both editorials, advertorial as well as personal styling assignments.

She has had several TV credits and some of her clients include celebrities such as; Juliet Sear, Baker on This Morning, SJ Froom, Makeup Artist and QVC TV Presenter, Authors, Viv Groskop and Clover Stroud as well as comedy duo; the Scummy Mummies.  Donna McCulloch teaches us it’s never too late to be who you always wanted to be. We hit her with some questions and you will never believe what she said.  In the end, I wanted to know more but our time was up with a stylist.


Fashion Stylist of Oscar winners ‘Silent Child’ Q&A

StyleCartel: What was your first memory of fashion?

SULKYDOLL: Owning a satin pink polka dot waistcoat from c&a at 5, I thought I was the bee’s knees.

StyleCartel: How did you find your path in fashion?

SULKYDOLL: Later than people think. I retrained in Fashion in my 30s but it was always my true calling.


🐝🐝🐝feeling the ❤️ here in Manchester 🙌🏼 I hope you all enjoyed @silent_child_film tonight and loved it as much as I do. Huge congratulations to all involved – to @rachelshenton @rebcharris @realrachelfielding @emmyschwemmy @alivfarahani @daniboixoxo @bryonyyyyyy @gilsonsly you all ROCK Hope you all had a lovely Good Friday. I’m off to @dragonflyhebden tomorrow for a styling day and then let the chocolate egg eating begin in earnest 🥚🍫🥚🍫🥚 . . . #potd #ootd #wiwt #lotd #outfitinspiration #streetstyle #manchester #mylook #love #style #stylist #styling #fashion #fashionpost #stylediaries #sulkydoll #lovemyjob #grateful #oscars #movie #thesilentchildfilm #thatsdarling #flashesoflight

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StyleCartel: What has been your favourite styling career moment so far?

SULKYDOLL: Oscars!!! It doesn’t get any better!!

StyleCartel: What is your signature feature?

SULKYDOLL: Edgy glam is my signature.

StyleCartel: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

SULKYDOLL: Insta, I feel too old for Snapchat.

StyleCartel: Who is your dream designer to work for?

SULKYDOLL: It would have been Alexander McQueen. Now I’d like to work with Alessandro Michele.

Fashion Stylist SULKYDOLL AKA DONNA McCulloch


StyleCartel: What is your must-have for the road beauty product?

SULKYDOLL: Just one? I’m a product junkie, I can’t reduce it to one. I feel naked without my perfume Escentrics Molecule 01. But I have bare minerals lip gloss in YAAS in my handbag at all times and other faves are my Becca highlighter palette as well as limited oil and Claudia Fallah calming Toner which is essential for air travel.

StyleCartel: What are you up to when you’re not styling?

SULKYDOLL: Doing the school run! After the Oscars, I literally stepped off a plane and drove home to collect my kids from school!




StyleCartel: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SULKYDOLL: Doing more red carpet and more film work but still personal styling and writing too.

StyleCartel: What model would you like to style and change their look?

SULKYDOLL: Model? Not sure, but the actress I’d love to Style is Kate Winslet, she’s younger than me and I’d like to edge her style up a bit. Both on and off the red carpet.

StyleCartel: What would you change about the Red Carpet?

SULKYDOLL: I’d like it to more inclusive, I struggled to get couture for one of the Producers of The Silent Child as she was a size 16, it shouldn’t be so hard to dress women of size 14 and over.

StyleCartel: What are you listening to right now?

SULKYDOLL: I can’t stop listening to Portugal The Man, feel it still.


So, here’s another of my red carpet looks from last Sunday…more to come…I was a busy girl 🤗 Meet the fabulous Becky @rebcharris Producer @silent_child_film who was styled head to toe by yours truly 🤸🏻‍♀️this awesome female ☝🏼 is 25! 25?! I was studying, waitressing and downing tequila shots at 25 & not necessarily in that order tbh 😜 But, this is one, truly inspirational woman right here and I couldn’t have been more honoured to Style her 🙏🏼 . . . #ootd #ladiaries #potd #lotd #fashion #style #stylist #styling #oscars #losangeles #mylook #mystyle #outfitinspiration #outfitshare #fashiondaily #stylediaries #fashionpost #lovemyjob #redcarpet #academyawards #california #sulkydoll #flashesofdelight #grateful #dreambig #thatsdarling #mywork #styledbyme

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StyleCartel: If I were a casting agent what type of models and celebrities would you book?

SULKYDOLL: Women of substance, there are far too many celebrities who’ve done precious little of any worth but are full of their sense of self-importance. After Rachel’s (Shenton) appearance on Good Morning Britain, I read the comments on Mail Online, which are usually brutal, but they were all positive and one really stood out. It said “in a world of Instagram fakes, be a Rachel Shenton” and she’s the kind of role model I think we should all want to cast.

StyleCartel: Red Carpet or Editorial?

SULKYDOLL: Tricky one as I Iove both but red carpet pips it!

StyleCartel: What’s the future for today’s stylist?

SULKYDOLL: Good question, ask me in 5 years!


We will!! We wonder if her skills will catch the eye of our favourite Celebrity Blog Red Carpet Fashion Awards?

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