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Glenn Marten the creative director of Y/Project brings us his perception of clothing. It is Y/Project’s second men’s collection. Marten’s certainly brings us “the drunken tailoring”. As you can remember, Vivienne Westwood has produced that a few seasons ago. The considerably lengthy suit trousers have a hint of Céline. Marten exposes individuality and freedom of expression through his designs. He even included astonishing hand-painted trousers that referenced Polish tradition. Distorting sweatshirts, blazers, dresses and adding the asymmetrical attire into his designs. Marten’s deconstructing the idea of a silhouette. Nonetheless, all of these blends collectively. I love the new trend Marten’s is bringing the future for men. Marten’s introduced a square toe heeled boots with iconic metal tips and buckles. I possess a great love for the square toe boots. My question for the day is, will Marten’s make them available for women’s too? I can’t wait to see what Marten’s will do for the women’s collection in September.

Hand-painted trousers that referenced Polish tradition

Favourite Looks

I am excited about Marten’s approach to distorted blazers. Although tailoring is distorted, there still a well-fitting silhouette. The suit looks damn good. Definitely an eye-catcher. I love the combination of the lightweight suit along with drawstring waist and ankle. Marten’s certainly knows how to make a comfortable suit. Can we please get a women’s version.

Stripes are in and they’re not going anywhere. Just because you’re blue collar doesn’t mean you aren’t free of your fashion choices. The next look is a women’s dress and what appears to have one leg in it. I love how subtle yet daring it is. I honestly would love to try on the striped button down and also the brown leather trousers together. It’s such a midwestern 70’s vibe. I love the asymmetrical on the button down.

One word: LOVE.

The colour, cut, and fit of the jeans is absolutely what every man needs. A detail I admire is the ankle bit, there’s outlining of a triangle. Delivering that western 70’s vibe. Additionally, the suit trousers remind me of when Phoebe designed at Céline. Clearly, the trousers are men’s but Marten adds this element. It almost feels gender fluid.

A big thanks to Ritual Projects for the images.

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