8 Indian jewellery brands to take your outfit to the next level

by Charlotte Smith
Indian Fashion Jewellery Brands

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Jewellery has been part of Indian tradition since the olden days. The only difference is in the olden day’s women bought jewellery from their local jeweller be it for a wedding, an occasion, or out of impulse. However, the consumer buying habits have changed brought on by the entrance of national jewellery houses present across all three-tier cities. 

India is now one of the leading exporters of jewellery and gems in the world and the second largest consumer of gold worldwide. This has made the market for precious metal and gems jewellery in India very huge paving way for top jewellery brands to supply the demand.

Indian Fashion Jewellery Brands

There are a number of nationally recognized top jewellery brands that are renowned for their flawless, exquisite, and beautiful jewellery that are setting international standards in the precious metal and gemstone industry. These Indian jewellery houses are now competing with their international counterparts to provide fine jewellery, daily wear, and traditional, antique, or bridal jewellery.

Here is a list of India’s top jewellery brands.


PC Jeweller

PC Jeweller was incorporated in Delhi in 2005. It has slowly risen in the Indian jewellery market through the years to command a strong presence online as well as have 94 stores in 74 cities. Their stores are mostly located in high street shopping areas where they have a wide range of jewellery that come in different price ranges. They sell daily wear jewellery, wedding rings, engagement rings, gold earrings, etc. as part of their pieces. Twinkle Khan and Akshay Kumar are PC Jeweller’s brand ambassadors.

Indian Fashion Jewellery Brands


KalyanJewellers started retailing in jewels since pre-independence in 1933 in Thrissur. Its 122 jewellery stores are spread across India and the Middle East. KalyanJewellers have over 133 showrooms spread across India and GCC making it one of the top jewellery brands in India. It has in its collection diamond and handcrafted jewellery, Candere for precious diamonds and Anokhi for uncut diamonds, and the Muhurat range in pure gold for a bridal collection.

They offer expensive jewellery whose price is in six digits and also affordable and contemporary jewellery in their daily wear collection. KalyanJewellers have made their brand a household name when it comes to its bridal jewellery collection. Amitabh Bachchan is KalyanJewellers brand ambassador.


Orra is one of India’s most trusted brands when it comes to diamond jewellery. Orra started retailing in jewellery in 1888 and later spread to 25 cities with 34 stores that house their exquisite diamond and gold design jewellery. Its collection has stunning gemstone bracelets, custom jewellery, couple bands, amazing engagement rings, and 73-facet solitaire crown star collection. Their store design mirrors the kind of jewellery they offer like their unique faceted chandeliers, the glass façade with diamond facets, and the steel installations fitted with crystal balls.

Orra jewellery has intricate designs that have been added to the international jewellery trends currently seen in India making them a one of a kind. Its bridal collection of coloured stones, polka, and Kundan are breathtaking and in a league of its own.

Indian Fashion Jewellery Brands


Tribhovandas  Bhimji Zaveri was founded in 1864 which makes it one of the oldest jewellers in India. With a legacy that has spun over a century and multiple accolades, TBZ has earned customer respect and patronage with its famous its contemporary Italian collection (Ria), its royal jewellery collection (Azna), Kundan jewellery, beautiful bridal collection, and its arts festival jewellery. This jewellery can be worn with different designs of the saree, kurta, lehenga, etc. that can be found at Stylecaret online stores.

It boasts of 31 showrooms spread over 23 cities some in the metros and tier II and III cities. TBZ’s unique history in the jewellery industry is seen in the craft and artistry of its jewellery designs.


CaratLane is an online jewellery store that has grown to own offline stores in the distinct mall across India. It has a collection of gold and diamond jewellery that is both stylish and affordable, an expansive jewellery catalogue, and colourful and elegant jewellery inspired by the city and nature.

Its 39 offline stores are currently spread across major cities in India. CaratLine has set itself apart from other online jewellery stores by providing unrivalled customer experience. Its online site provides consumers with information on how to measure their ring size, a try at home before buying option and friendly return policy.

Senco gold and diamonds

Senco gold and diamonds was founded in 1939 in Kolkata. It boasts of having 93 stores in 72 cities in India. They have artistic and beautiful gold and jewellery designs with different price ranges that cater to all pockets. They offer splendid bangles and earrings collections and unique cocktail rings. They also have an Everlite collection of the perfect mix of diamond and gold jewellery. VidyaBalan is Senco and diamond’s brand ambassador.

Indian Fashion Jewellery Brands


Tanishq is from the house of Tata one of India’s biggest jewellery retail chains with over 253 stores across the country and an online presence. It was founded in 1994. Its brand name was coined from the word ‘Tan’ which means body and ‘Nishk’ which means gold ornament. Tanishq has invested in advertising its brands which have helped it to become a household name from the celebrity to the conservative shopper.

They have an excellent collection of wedding and engagement rings that are highly sought after due to its high-quality jewellery.Deepika Padukone is Tanishq’s brand ambassador.

Malabar gold and diamonds

Malabar gold and diamonds was founded in 1993 in Kozhikode and boast of 210 showrooms across 9 countries. It’s ranked 5thamong the biggest jewellery retailers in the world today. Its comprehensive bridal jewellery collection caters to the South Indian brides and brides across the country. It has a collection of platinum jewellery and diamond office wear, daily wear, occasions, elegant and dainty jewellery, uncut jewellery, and other gemstone jewellery.

It also has exquisite earring and ring designs and a breathtaking range of bridal sets. Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador.


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