My Four Step Daily Image Skincare Routine for Fall

My Four Step Daily Image Skincare Routine for Fall

Daily Image Skincare Routine


An Aesthetician saved my life and explained to me what my face needs in its life. Vitamin C, retinol, and moisture not botox. Who knew sitting in front of a computer can dehydrate your skin? I guess beauty blogging doesn’t help either. However great reason to continue to test out beauty products like Image Skincare.


Beauty Wednesday with Image Skincare

My endeavor is to have healthy skin naturally and staying away from Botox. This weeks beauty Wednesday features Image Skincare. The company motto is ‘ Image Now Age Later’. Aren’t we all trying to live this type of life?  Women from 21-50 want to find the right products to keep them looking fab for ages.

Along with my journey, I test different skin care positions like the Image Skincare products, which have ticked all the boxes from my consultation at MEDICE+ICS in London. My routine starts at night when I remove all the grit and grime of the city with toner.  Then go high end with a quick splash and scrub with the ILUMA- the intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder.

My Four Step Daily Image Skincare Routine for Fall

Step 1


Bonne Nuit Darling, just a little goes a long way with the ILUMA.  It’s time to get ready for bed. This water-activated, micro-exfoliating cleansing powder gently polishes and buffs away radiance-impairing dead skin cells to brighten and illuminate the skin. Gentle enough for daily use and perfect for all skin types, it smoothes uneven skin texture and preps skin to better absorb active ingredients in ILUMA serums and crèmes. It is not too harsh on the skin and feels more like a light massage before bedtime. 


Step 2

After cleaning my face I give it an overnight treatment with the Ageless total overnight retinol masque. I can’t think of anything better on my Thursday night home spa night.


The revolutionary science behind the line meets the proven anti-aging benefits of retinol. This breakthrough treatment masque transforms skin’s appearance while you sleep. Multi-action technology continuously releases hydrating microspheres of marine collagen to lock in moisture and delivers retinol deep into the skin to support intensive collagen remodeling.  Yes, just what this lady ordered.

My Four Step Daily Image Skincare Routine for Fall

Step 3

In the morning with not a lot of time to fuss about.  I just clean my face with my favorite rose toner, water is too harsh in the morning.  Then in upward movements, I apply the Intense Brightening Cream, because you want to your face to feel refreshed, hydrated and plump.  For added protection, a sunscreen is also suggested because I have freckles! Usually before putting on my makeup.

This crème contains an exclusive brightening complex to illuminate and bring balance to the uneven skin. It helps to fade the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation to give skin a more even, radiant tone. Vectorize Technology™ time-releases powerful brightening agents for up to 48 hours to provide an intensive, long-term brightening effect.


Step 4


Last but not least I add more hydrating lotion to my entire body. The Vital C hydrating hand body lotion gives the rest of my body some extra hydration and Vitamin C.  Whatever is left on my hand goes straight on my face. Especially around my forehead in view of the fact of those frown lines, I am trying to make disappear. Vitamin C is supposed to be perfect in aiding the process.  How am I doing?

The body lotion has the same powerful effects of their Vital C facial formulations in a quenching lotion designed especially for the body. Featuring four highly active forms of vitamin C, this luxurious moisturizer stars anti-aging ingredients often reserved for the face. It goes beyond hydrating to treat and target telltale signs of aging on the body.

Have a happy beauty Wednesday with some new products to put on your radar.  I love taking care of my skin and sharing new tips and beauty diaries.  Stay tuned for more reviews of this line.


Makeup & Photos by Sergio Corvacho   

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