Hunkiest Country Singers of all Times & What They Wore

Country Singers of all Times & What They Wore

The musical genre that originated in the southern United States has taken the world completely. Country musicians have swept the world with their cowboy hats and snug jeans. Their trademark looks are to die for.  


Check out the hunkiest country singers of all times and learn the tricks to dress like them. All you need to remember is that for a country-based outfit, you need to draw a line between what is modern against what appears outlandish. Simply go through these tips and tricks to ensure you carry off the look with the right kind of panache.

Hunkiest Country Singers of all Times


The jeans are the first element of the outfit to define country style, however, jeans are not the only option one needs to consider. Most dark-colored jeans or corduroys reflect country-inspired look. Simply ensure that you wear a close fit with legs which are just wide enough to snug cowboy boots.


Shirts with certain patterns, prints, and cuts represent country style better. Take inspiration from long-sleeved button-down shirts with blue jeans. You may consider plaids, embroidery, or checked-print button-down shirt with pearl snap buttons.

Cowboy hat

A Cowboy hat is clearly the most significant element for a country-inspired look. A well- fitted cowboy hat should fit with one to two fingers space above the eyebrows while sitting securely but not too tightly around the head. Look for a felt hat in a solid colour or simply hat made of straw for The real deal. Avoid too much detail on it.

Cowboy Shoes

Go for Cuban heels or rounded to pointed toe boots with a high shaft. Keep the look both traditional and minimalistic by avoiding laces. Usually, you will come across Cowboy boots made from cowhide leather but also skins of reptiles such as alligators and snakes.


Chunky belt buckles with thick leather belts must form the centerpieces of your outfit. Go for either black or brown leather belt. However, use some restraint while choosing a big belt. If you are going to wear a big buckle by trying to tone down your outfit.

Hunkiest Country Singers of all Times


Choose silver jewellery to complete your country style outfit. While jewellery options for men are restricted, always up for chunky rings in silver. You can also try to wear a bandana around your neck or fold it into a shirt pocket to make your plain outfit stand out. Remember, too many jewellery pieces can kill your style.



You can also throw on a vest or jacket to complete your look. The right style can not only make you look slim and fit but also flatter the eyes. Go for country-inspired sports or leather jackets for creating the perfect ensemble. A lot of country singers also like to wear denim jacket apart from classic-cut vests.

You must remember that a country-style look should be accompanied with a great attitude. Whatever you may wear, never forget to carry your style with you. Country singers exude happiness and life which is why ever style looks exotic on them. Next time when you wear such a look, make sure that you appear as charming and happy as possible.

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