Hungry for Peace: Action Against Hunger Join the Movement

by Gosia Krajewski
stop hunger crime

 Hungry for Peace: Action Against Hunger condemns the weaponisation of hunger in conflict with new campaign to #StopHungerCrime

Action Against Hunger today launches a new international campaign, #StopHungerCrime. As the number of conflicts climbs across the globe, the international humanitarian agency denounces the rise in the use of hunger as a strategic weapon of war. To visually illustrate this message, Action Against Hunger has turned unused, confiscated bullet casings from conflict zones into 200 sets of cutlery. These brutal, unsettlingly domestic, objects are symbolic of the growing use of hunger as a relentless and indiscriminate weapon.

hunger campaign

Turning declarations into deeds

Action Against Hunger believes that it is time to take concrete action to break this vicious circle of conflict and hunger, by rapidly improving global governance through the action of leading states. To stimulate action from the international community, Action Against Hunger today launches its #StopHungerCrime campaign. Disruptive cutlery produced by Action Against Hunger sits at the very core of this campaign; made from unused bullet casings recently recovered from conflict zones, the knives and forks are branded with a motif that reveals their military origin and belies their familiar form.

Help #StopHungerCrime

Action Against Hunger hopes to promote the image of the cutlery as an icon of the fight against the weaponisation of hunger in conflict, and are encouraging the public to post images in demonstration of their solidarity. In a mark of protest, Action Against Hunger would like to encourage members of the public to post a ‘selfie’ across social media in which they are symbolically holding up a knife and fork in an ‘X’ position, and include #StopHungerCrime. The more engagement across social media platforms, the bigger the outcry, and the louder and clearer Action Against Hunger’s voice will be heard in the international debate.

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