How to Wear Your Timberland Boots Fashionable


StyleCartel hit Paris for Haute Couture and after 3 days of high heels this style editor’s feet needed a break from heels. Thank goodness my new women’s six-inch Premium Wheat Timberland’s arrived just in time from KICKSUSA. Who’s says you can not wear construction boots to Haute Couture. If you did not know Timberland is classified as a Luxury accessory. The trick is knowing how to combine you Timberland’s with your already existing wardrobe.

How to Wear Your Timberland Boots Fashionable

How to Wear Your Timberland Boots Fashionable

Currently wearing: Vintage Dress by Banford & Sons/Bag by CHANEL/Motorcycle Jackt by Art Comes First

TURBAN BY BROTHERS&SISTER/Boots by Timberland/Knee-high socks by Topshop

As a Style Editor I respect the rules of fashion and do not show up to a Haute Couture show looking a hot mess. It is the one fashion week where you pull out all the stops, even though I did spot a few people looking like the were going to the club. Even if you do not wear heels, everyday you need to look polished. My fresh out the box Timberland boots went perfectly with  my A-lined dress, Chanel bag and my turban. It was raining the day of the Chanel show, so I really could not be bothered with a fancy heel. I had a full day of appointments and wanted comfort over anything to walk on the cobble stone streets of Paris. Timberland boots have made a real come back and the secret is not to get caught up the in the trend to just wear them with jeans and a flannel shirt. I have shown you that you can wear them with a cute dress and a nice bag. Timberland boots can be dressed up or down for everyday adventures.

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Photos by Darell Hunter

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