How To Wear Cowboy Boots Like Your Favourite Fashionista

How To Wear Cowboy Boots Like Your Favourite Fashionista

by Nejilka


I moved back to New York this spring. Let me tell you, with this obsession I have with cowboy boots there is no turning back to Europe. In small little town in Brooklyn called Sunset Park, they have some amazing real snakeskin leather cowboy boots. Now I know what you must be thinking… Cowboy boots? I need every single of cowboy boot pair like Carrie needs her Manolo Blahnik’s. They’re a big need in my life due to the comfort and flexible style. Cowboy boots are a walking history itself. Did you know that they were influenced by the Spanish Tradition “Vaqueros” back in the 16th century? Yep. They go back even to the 16th century girl. These boots were made for protecting your lower legs (which are the most vulnerable if you’re a cowboy at war). Persay, pesky rattle snakes, sharp thorns,  and spikey bushes, etc. Hyer Brothers Boots Kansas & Justin Boots from Texas were known as the earliest boot-maker in America. Now I won’t bore you any more of the history. Here I put seven looks together, inspired by the modern age.

 Picnic N’ Cherry Blossoms

 Imagine, it could be such a gorgeous day in spring in NYC. You’re in Roosevelt Island, having a picnic under the Cherry Blossom Trees. Enjoying the beautiful view of cherry blossoms blowing in the wind and New York City. What a beautiful love affair. Pretty in pink is a great match for girls who are more feminine, floral dresses. Go head-to-toe colour  but throwing a textured blush jacket.


Dark Romance

I’ve been into alternative fantasy looks. It has inspired me so much lately. I’ve been looking for garments inspired by the victorian era. I wonder if there was ever a victorian-gothic-cowboy boot era. If there was, I imagine it would look like this. This is a teeny wee bit inspired by McQueen. McQueen really loved this fantasy of putting X, Y and Z together. Things you wouldn’t imagine. He was really dark and avant garde in my opinion. He had this talent of making anything simple — alive with prints, accessories or other unorthodox garments. 


 School Girl

I was inspired by a young model walking down the street. She wore her school uniform to her casting. Imagine in another world, school uniform doesn’t have to be so boring. Add cool bulky accessories, a Dior bag and on you go. Rock that school uniform look this spring. Keep in mind, this outfit made me regret not going to a uniform mandatory school. I would have been so creative with my school uniform. Even if it is prohibited.



Streetwear is a trend that never dies. It’s a tomboy girl’s dream. It’s feminine yet boyish and comfy all in one. Inspired by Vetements with a little more Brooklyn in it. I added some orange because it’s such a bold colour to wear. Brooklyn peeps are bold. When I’m wearing streetwear, I want to stand-out. Just imagine walking down Bushwick, looking like a snack. Yep I said it, a snack.

Punk Chic

This is one of my favourite collages. If I could wear this everyday – I would. Especially these gorgeous Ganni boots. I really love the Symmetrical cuts on garments, it’s another level of layering and styling. Makes me feel like I have another great adventure with the garments. In this collage, I was inspired by Rick Owens meets Y-Project.  Imagine, walking to a fashion show and sitting front row looking like this? You’ll be papped and well known for the future seasons.


Date Night

Here I was inspired by a date night in Milan.  I couldn’t think what to wear as the weather was so beautiful yet windy. I was inspired by wearing a typical mini dress but I didn’t want to wear heels. Milan has so much cobblestones. If a date is going really well, you’re bound to go for a long walk under the moonlight. Cowboy boots are a go-too for this type of night. When the weather dropped I felt warmth and comfort. Also it’s still C H I C. 


Casual Day

I have this Raf Simons blazer from AW07/08 similiar to the Sandro blazer above. I really wanted to wear my Raf. As I’m a complete show off when it comes to Raf. Oh and my cowboy boots. I wish I had photographed this look. I was inspired by the 90’s when the women wore 501 Levi’s with cowboy boots, a over-sized blazer, and top. I had a important meeting to attend. I wanted to go casual yet still sophisticated. Probably one of the best outfits I put together in 10 minutes.

See that’s the thing about style. It isn’t about who you wear but how you wear it. It’s about scraping all those old clothes you have and making them look new. It can be a new outfit, a new aesthetic, a new you!

Feeling inspired? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of these outfits!

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