How to Wear a Watch


Some people might see  a watch as something of a relic. We don’t need them to tell the time when we have phones and computers to do it for us. However, watches are still useful, and they make great fashion accessories. On top of that, the humble watch is still evolving to produce products like the Apple Watch. But some people may struggle with how, when and where to wear a watch. While there might have been rules in the past, you can now wear one almost whenever and wherever you want. However, choosing how to wear a particular watch on different occasions can still be complicated.

Choosing the Right Watch

Picking out a watch can be difficult, especially if you’ve never owned one before. You can buy a casual watch, a more formal one or a sports watch. And now there’s another category to choose from: the smart watch. Each of these types of watches have different aesthetics and functions, so will work for different purposes. For example, a traditional watch can look sharp and tell you the time, but won’t do much else. A digital or sports watch can help you set an alarm or time your run, and will stand up to physical activity. Then there are smart watches, which you can use to pick up your phone calls or track your fitness.


Where to Wear It

One of the interesting things to consider is where to wear your watch. There are several positions you could place it in on your wrist. Ultimately, you should wear it however you feel comfortable. Some people have it low down, close their hand while others wear it higher. You might wear it loosely if it seems restrictive. Most people put their watch on the opposite hand to the one they write with. There are other options, however, such as using a pocket watch, one on your breast pocket or even a watch on a necklace.

Watches as a Fashion Accessory

A watch serves a practical purpose, but it also makes a beautiful fashion accessory. It can look especially attractive with a formal outfit, whether it’s a suit or a cocktail dress. When you’re shopping for a watch, Shinola watches and other suppliers have many smart items to choose from. If you only want one watch, you may have trouble choosing one that goes with everything. Try looking at neutral colors or at hues that match the usual colors in your wardrobe.

Owning Multiple Watches

People often look at watches as something you only own one of. However, you can have several watches for different purposes. You might decide to have just one valuable watch that will last you a long time. But you can also have cheaper watches to use for sports or wearing on an everyday basis. Don’t hesitate to buy another watch is you already own one. Wearing a sports watch with a suit would be a fashion faux-pas.

Wearing a watch in the correct manner isn’t rocket science. It’s easy to pick one that’s suitable for you and wear it with the right outfits.

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