How to Style Your Sweaters

Sweaters For Dummies

With the cold of the winter finally hitting all our skins, it’s the time to layer it up. Sweaters and obviously the best choice for keeping warm this winter, but how do we style them? Especially having a curvy body, sweaters can sometimes make you look chunky. So here is the perfect guide on how to wear your favourite sweaters without the extra bulge and hassle. Whether it’s pure styling, or just picking the right type of sweater, here are my top tips.


1- Chunky Sweater

If it’s one of those bone-chilling cold days and you just want to wear a huge sweater, you can! I used to hate chunky sweaters, especially if you are bigger busted because it can make you look big. My tip? Wear the sweater with leather leggings and heeled boots. This will ensure your legs look long and slim so they top of you doesn’t have to be as fitted.


2- Layering

Although layering badly can definitely make you look bigger, using a classic black cotton turtleneck can be form fitting. This will ensure you look nice and slim but to keep warm, layer a tank under, and a vest and/or jacket on top. This can also help you achieve a very put together jacket while staying nice and warm.

3- Tuck It In

Another one of my favourite tricks is to tuck in a bulky sweater. I usually tuck mine into high waisted pants so I can show off my tight tummy. This works when you have a really chunky turtleneck and a pair of high-waisted ripped tight jeans. This makes your legs look extra long, as well as showcase your body shape.

4- Sweater Dress

Another cute way to spice up your winter wardrobe is using a sweater dress. Although this may not be the best way to stay warm, with a pair of thick tights or patterned tights it can turn your look around. Get a flowy dress with a belt or a tight dress if you’re feeling confident and want to look sexy.

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