How to Stay Smart-casual for Work in the Summer

How to Stay Smart-casual for Work in the Summer

by Charlotte Smith

As a growing number of terms have been coined to describe smart-casual wear in the workplace, the office dress code has arguably become even more ambiguous. This contrasts sharply with guidelines for office decorum and punctuality, whilst it can be a genuine source of angst for employees on a daily basis.

So, before you head out and buy a brand-new office wardrobe in anticipation for the summer, you need to understand the smart-casual look in detail and ensure that you and your office share the same interpretation!

We’ll explore this further in the article below, whilst asking how you can stay smart-casual and comfortable during the warm months of summer.

  1. Understand the Difference between Smart and Business Casual

In recent times, the lines between smart and business-casual have become increasingly blurred, but there are several distinct differences between these two entities.

In simple terms, business-casual is defined by professional and relatively conservative garments, whereas smart-casual attire is a little less restricted and includes more fashionable items of clothing.

The latter style is also more versatile than business-casual attire, whilst it enables you to swap your usual trousers for a more colourful skirt or don a fashionable suit.

You can also make the most of your accessories with a smart-casual look, creating an opportunity to add colour infuse some personality into your attire.

  1. Consider Practical Garments and Outfits

Once you have an understanding of the smart-casual look, the next step is to bring this to life in the form of practical garments and outfits.

You should start with your choice of shoes, as you need to prioritise closed-toe but light footwear that’s also comfortable and ideal for being on your feet during the day. Damart sell a particularly large range of such shoes, including airy loafers and stylish moccasins that are tailormade for the summer.

These shoes can help set the tone for your entire outfit, whilst they’re also versatile and can be combined with light midi skirts, colourful t-shirts and comfortable jumpsuits.

Regardless of your preferred garments or individual sense of style, just make sure that your outfits are coordinated and appropriate for the typical workplace.

  1. Don’t Forget About your Hair-do!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know that the battle over the air conditioning controls is perennial and often leads to fluctuating temperatures.

This can undermine even the most calculated outfit choice during the summer, whilst it can also wreak havoc on your hair and leave you looking a little ragged! Furthermore, although wearing your hair down and natural can look great, it can be fiddly and particularly warm on your neck during the day, so during the summer months an up-do can be perfect for keeping cool and maintaining a professional look.

So, try to create a workplace hair-do that’s both stylish and comfortable, such as a high ponytail or a ballet bun.

Keeping cool in the office during the summer months can be a tricky business but ensuring your dress and style is light, cool yet professional should set you on the right tracks.

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