How to Plan a Girl’s Night Out in NYC

by Charlotte Smith
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After a point it gets boring to go to the same bars and do the same routine of getting drunk and dancing. Not to mention the hangover you get the next day makes you question your existence itself. You’ll probably say “But what else is there to do during the weekends?” Well one great idea could be to plan a weekend getaway to New York City with your girlfriends. The city is culturally rich and diverse and has a lot to offer to a group of women looking for something more than a drunken night.

How do you get there?

Depending on your distance from the city your choice of transport may vary but if you live only a few hours away from New York we highly suggest a New York City charter bus for your travels. It releases you from the hassles of driving yourself to the destination and it also gives you time to really relax and enjoy with your girlfriends. 

What to do once you are there?

So you convinced your girlfriends and due to some rare miracle none of them cancelled. You booked your bus and you get to New York city. Now what? Here’s a list of things to do and places to visit to make the most of your time in NYC 


Buses can be pretty laid back but your week most definitely was not. So hop over to this 24*7 oasis of a spa to de-stress after you arrive. The spa features a jade room, a sauna, soaking ponds, and steam rooms. 

Where to Spa like a Celebrities Around the World in Style

Have an immersive storytelling experience at Heath

If you are looking for an intellectually and emotionally stimulating experience with your girlfriends this weekend you can The McKrittick Hotel’s performance venue has you covered. Their production of “Flight” falls somewhere between theatre and art. The “play” has no live actors but the story of two Afghan boys is still extremely moving.

Make your own cheese at Murray’s

If you want to do something infinitely more fun than eating cheese try making your cheese and then eating it. Is this not convincing enough for you? Well, how about this- the class is accompanied by unlimited pours of wine. 

Sip Martinis and get a manicure at the Beauty Bar

Have you ever wanted to be a rich lady who casually sips on her drink as someone else helps her get ready? You can buy that experience for as low as 10 dollars at the beauty bar. The bar offers Martinis along with their manicures and then when midnight arrives it blasts 90s classics for you to dance to. 

Sip N Sculpt

The event is somewhat like the cheese making event at Murray’s. Only instead of making cheese you can play with some clay and sculpt while you drink instead. The event keeps changing its location and comes with a drink of your choice. You can also take your creation home as a memory of the fun you had with your girlfriends. 

To Broadway or Not to Broadway?

While you can always wear pink one fine Wednesday and go watch mean girls on Broadway your budget may present problems in the plan. If that is the case you can always head over to the longest running off Broadway comedy starring Dan Anderson- “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man”. The show is hilarious and critically acclaimed. It is also worth watching for Dan’s performance alone.

A weekend getaway to New York city can be fun and adventurous but also hectic if you don’t plan it right. If you are traveling with a large group consider chartering a bus. It helps you escape the hassles of driving and also is a relatively safer mode of travel. 

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