How to Have a Great Night Out in Rio: Safety Tips and Places to Visit

by Charlotte Smith

Great Night Out in Rio: Safety Tips and Places to Visit

You can have a fabulous night out in Rio de Janeiro as this city has an amazingly rich nightlife. However, you’ll need to exercise a few safety precautions during such an adventure as the city only has 43% safety index on SafeAround. It’s true that this place is more dangerous at night, but you can avoid trouble by travelling on licensed taxis and planning out your routes wisely.

A Night Out in Rio de Janeiro: Basic Safety Tips

  • Ride a taxi instead of walking.
    While taking a walk when leaving a stuffy nightclub might feel fantastic, the streets of Rio are rather deserted at night, which makes them dangerous. Muggings are a real threat and other forms of attacks, although less common, also happen way too often for comfort.
    Avoid problems like this by taking a taxi.
  • Use trusted taxi services only.
    Uber and taxis parked right in front of the club are convenient, but you can’t be sure in their safety. Reduce your risks by using a reliable and licensed taxi service only. You can find one through your hotel or by researching online.
  • Carry only a bit of cash on you and a card with a hotline.
    Both pickpockets and muggers are a common danger in Brazil. Therefore, it’s essential that you carry a credit card that has a 24-hour hotline so you can block it immediately in case of problems. Many shops in Brazil don’t accept cards, so you’ll need enough cash to fund a night out in Rio. Don’t take high denomination bills and keep your wallet close to your body at all times. Anti-theft bags are a wise precaution.

Things to Do During a Night Out in Rio de Janeiro

How to Have a Great Night Out in Rio: Safety Tips and Places to Visit

  • Explore the city with a guided tour.
    One of the things you definitely should do when visiting the city is enjoying a Rio free walking tour. During the day, these will take you to the most popular tourist attractions. However, during the night a guided tour is one of the few safe ways to see the city as walking alone or even with a few friends is too risky.
  • Dance samba.
    You can’t have a night out in Rio without indulging in some samba dancing. Every nightclub in the city will have many people doing just that, and you definitely should join. Brazilians are very friendly and hospitable, so you might be able to get dancing lessons right at the club. If you are interested in more ‘traditional’ samba, rumba, and other popular Latin American dances, check out Samba Choro, a calendar of venues having samba music nights. Be sure to visit Carioca de Gema, one of the best samba halls in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Witness the Flying Circus.
    Circo Voador is the place you should go to if your night out in Rio must include some underground. This is where people truly get loose listening to local bands. Note that the tickets are usually not cheap, but you should get a discount for bringing non-perishable foods. Parties at the Flying Circus are some of the most fascinating for those inclined to this sub-culture.
  • Dance at Deck Bar.
    It might seem strange, but Rio doesn’t have much good to offer in terms of beach bars. Deck Lounge Bar, however, is a pleasant exception. It’s located on the Copacabana beach and has a pool, dance floor, and drink prices that won’t make you broke in a night.
  • Wait for the sunrise in Jobi.
    Jobi is one of the most popular bars in Rio de Janeiro, especially among 30-somethings. Here you can enjoy some great beer and meet many new interesting people. This is a good hangout for insomniacs and the bar often stays open until early hours of the morning.

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