How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in the Canaries

by Charlotte Smith
Canary Islands

There are many fabulous places all around the world for a luxury vacation which means that it can be hard to choose. Many people view the Canary Islands as somewhere that Brits flock to en mass for an affordable vacation, but these beautiful islands also have a luxury side to them which most people are unfamiliar with. Additionally, the gorgeous climate, alluring sandy beaches, and natural beauty provide all you need for a fantastic summer trip.

Luxury Holiday in the Canaries

If you like to indulge in the finer things in life then these are the aspects that you all want to focus on during a holiday to the Canaries.

Canary Islands Golf Courses

Golf Courses

You can’t beat a round of golf in the sun and the Canary Islands are world-famous for the golf courses found here. There are courses throughout the islands which can cater to all abilities whether you are a seasoned player or you are new to the game. There is nothing quite like a peaceful round of golf in the sun surrounded by the natural beauty found in this part of the world.

5-Star Hotels

There are plenty of cheap and cheerful resorts around the islands but there are also many fantastic 5-star hotels which will allow you to indulge in luxury. In addition to the spacious and attractive rooms, many of these hotels have all kinds of impressive facilities to help you to enjoy the finer things. This includes a number of famous restaurants serving tantalising cuisine with spectacular views over the sea and surrounding area.

Canary Islands 5 star hotels

Unspoilt Beaches

People flock to the Canary Islands to the beaches so there are many which are overcrowded, but there are also a handful of unspoilt beaches which are idyllic and allow you to relax and soak up the sun in peace and quiet. The beaches in Lanzarote are particularly good with a number of amazing black sand beaches to choose from.

Getting Around

If you want to escape the masses and enjoy a luxury holiday then you also need to consider how you are going to get around. Pre-booking lanzarote airport transfers will allow you to bypass the queues for cabs and public transport and enjoy peace and quiet on your journey to your accommodation. 

The Canary Islands are a great choice for those looking for a luxury holiday. They are sometimes incorrectly labeled as a place for Brits to come en mass for an affordable sun, sea and sand vacation, but there is much more to them than this. There is an air of luxury and glamour found throughout the islands with the above being just a few of the best ways to enjoy a luxury stay here. Additionally, the climate, beaches, natural surroundings and relaxed way of life will certainly provide for an enjoyable holiday.

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