How To Be An Active Mum With Simply Swim

by Gosia Krajewski

MUMMY DIARIES – How To Be An Active Mum With Simply Swim

I don’t know how about you, but when days are so grey and cold, the last thing I think about it exercise. Ok, maybe I think about it…but thats about it. My motivation levels go down to none. In the morning I plan how I will go swimming as soon as I finish all my mummy duties…and then…it just doesn’t happen. But imagine, if you have a new super sexy swimming suit, and you have a chance to show it off…yes that always motivates us, women! So when I recently got invited to browse and pick a couple of beautiful swimming suits for Matylda and myself from Simply Swim , I was over the moon. There was a huge chance, that I will eventually make it to the local swimming pool and test them. And guess what…we did it!


Simply Swim

Simply Swim website offer such a huge selection of swimming gear from swimming costumes for the whole family, googles, swimming caps, wet suits and all sorts from variety of brands. There is something for everyone, and most importantly, in affordable prices. The selection of their swimming gear actually made me excited to go swimming again, even if it cold outside. So ladies…no excuses! Order your super sexy, colourful or belly shaping (yes they do have some cool suits for curvy ladies too) swimming gear and hit your local leisure centre. You will instantly lift your mood, and your kids will have loads of fun. Who said that winter time has to be boring. With Simply Swim selection, it can be as exciting as you wish. You can get all you swimwear UK here.

Simply Swim

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