How To Achieve The Sexy Mama Booty With Assome!

by Gosia Krajewski

Ok mommies, lets be honest…how many times did you promise yourselves that you will hit the gym and start exercising to achieve the perfect body…and failed at the first attempt…I did it probably a million times! Because once I manage to sort out my work, cleaning and cooking and playing with the kid out of the way, I am so knackered that the last thing I think about is exercise. So how mums can stay fit and look amazing with a little effort? The Assome! got us the answer! Their Ultrasonic Massager is literally a God sent and after using it religiously for three months, like they suggest, my bum looks better than before I was pregnant! Too good to be true? See how it works! The effects are also visible below…yes that is my sexy mama booty…and do you know what…I am so proud of it I am not ashamed to show it! Assome! gave me so much more confidence, not as a mother but as a woman again. I feel great and comfortable in my own skin again. And I love my new booty! So let me explain how Assome! works in more detail.



We know that no cosmetic gel or cream alone can penetrate the skin to remove the fat underneath. The Assome! massager system works at high frequencies with millions of vibrations a minute to fight cellulite at the source.



Ultrasonic Massager + One month Therapy: Ultrasonic gel 100ml + 3 x Ultrasonic Serum 15ml
Regular price £199.00

As women age, they become more vulnerable to developing cellulite. Being neither a skin nor medical condition, largely speaking un-preventable and affecting 90-95% of women, this can be very upsetting so many women.

Despite so many suffering from this issue, there are very few affordable treatments available on the market, which can have extremely negative impacts on women’s confidence. Countless women spend hours in the gym and dieting, working hard for that perfect booty but with little result. With clinical cellulite removal ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, a long-term solution is sadly out of reach for most women.

Assome!’s 3 in 1 Ultrasonic Massager gives women the chance to feel great about their booties, at a reasonable price they can afford! Combining all the technologies of expensive clinical treatments, Assome! has created a 3 in 1 Ultrasonic massager, small, convenient and easy to use, from the comfort of your own home. With Assome!’s 3-month starter kit, you’ll be bikini ready and booty confident in no time!

Before, laser cellulite removal was kept for the few. Now Assome! has made it available for every mummy who wants to love their ass! You are welcome.

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