How Online Casinos Appeal to More and More Women These Days?

 Casinos Appeal to More and More Women These Days?

Although gambling has always been viewed as a man’s domain, the rapid growth in the online casino industry over the past one decade has resulted in a large number of women also jumping on the bandwagon! Why do you think the number of women gamblers are increasing so rapidly?


As per a study carried out by Technavio, a leading market research company, women prefer playing at online casinos like AllSlots etc. rather than visiting brick and mortar casino establishments. The research further revealed that these women bet more confidently in online environments, from within the comfort of their homes than in land-based casinos where they find male gamblers intimidating.


Another reason why they prefer online casinos is that of the social experience offered by a large number of women-targeted online casinos. Women love networking and chatting with others in the online chat rooms, while men are more inclined to playing quietly in land-based casino environments, solely focused on winning.

How Online Casinos Appeal to More and More Women These Days?

The result of this growing trend can be seen in the form of more and more online casinos targeted specifically at female players, offering women-centric games like scratch cards, bingo, and girly slots. Casino brands are also rebranding themselves, in an effort to position themselves better towards this demographic. Appropriate ad campaigns are being run to appeal specifically to women players. Hence, gone are the days of online casino ads showing scantily dressed women. They are now being replaced by ads that cater to a wider audience.

How are online casinos marketing to women?

It’s a foregone conclusion that women are finally making their presence felt in the online gambling world! A Blackjack-Authority report confirmed that online bingo and online poker attract number of women players than men, owing to the social aspect of these games. Women are very active in online slots too. Although online slots cannot be termed as truly social games, women enjoy them a great deal because they needn’t be worried about competing against other players.

Although various women-focused marketing strategies seem to be working well for the online casino brands, it’s important for them to understand that targeting female gamers and bringing them on board is essentially about understanding their motives, and what attracts them to the gaming products. Various interviews with seasoned female casino players have revealed that women are more comfortable using gaming products that can be used as a means of relaxation and be having fun. Although they might play with less money, the activity spans of women players are much longer than men. In addition, they are more responsible and sensible while playing these games.

Furthermore, unlike men, women players prefer sticking to one casino brand and can continue playing with it for a long period of time. This is a major reason why more and more online casino operators are going aggressively after this market segment.

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