How Jetkids by Stokke makes flying with kids easier

by Gosia Krajewski

If you always wondered whether flying with kids will ever be simple and pleasurable, Jetkids by Stokke is your miraculous answer!

Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling…but not with my child. When I only think about journey with my little monster, I suddenly wonder, if I actually have to travel…I bet I am not the only parents, who asks that question themselves. So when I heard about this brilliant new product from Stokke, I was very keen to test it. And I am SO happy, that I did! It’s my new best travel friend.

Stokke always thinks about parents needs, and we are huge fans of this brand. But Jetkids is seriously what we always needed, but we just never thought it would be possible. It’s not just a ride-on suitcase, which is available from so many other retailers. It’s also a bed! Yes, it converts into a little bed in no time, providing your little traveller 1st class flying experience. And also gives parents opportunity to peacefully read their magazines or a book and enjoy the flight while their kids can seat, sleep or watch cartoons in super comfy straight leg position.


Our Journey

Firstly, our journey through the airport went super smoothly, because my little girl was having so much fun pulling the suitcase or riding on it, so she didn’t have time to say her favourite word “NO” to everything, that mommy said. Secondly, because of the fact, that she had a free lift on the suitcase, I didn’t have to push her in the buggy, while pulling my own suitcase, which was  a massive relief! I always suffer with “not enough hands” problem. And thirdly, when we got the our seats on the aircraft, setting up the little jet bed was very simple, and made the rest of my flight easy and pleasurable.


When I started converting the suitcase into this lovely bed for Matylda, my fellow passenger, who also happened to be a father, was watching me with amazement. He said that he never seen anything like this before and he said, that he was keen to get “one of those cool things” for his kid! Someone else said, that my daughter is travelling”like a queen in a business class'” on this cheap airlines flight. Seriously,  even I was getting a little it jealous, why they don’t make such things for adults!  I would be one of the first customers for sure.


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