How Dermal Fillers Work and Their Benefits

by Charlotte Smith
How dermal fillers work and their benefits

How odd is that, to our species, an inevitable natural roll of events should implant dread in our hearts? Aging is the one enemy of youth and vitality, the one natural event that doesn’t discriminate between us, is simultaneously the one phenomenon we collectively fear. But why, could our dismay possibly be denoted to vanity? 

The truth couldn’t be further. In reality, while we resort to dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery to wipe out the traces of old age, the issue is a lot deeper. 

With our youth deteriorating, the scene of retirement is clear within our vision. With aging, the sense of being a liability, the sense of being unable to give, is really what strikes us with anxiety. Consequently, people resort to the nips and the tucks to hold on to that last straw of youth. Long gone are the invasive procedures, to be replaced with more efficient techniques that can reverse the telltale signs of aging, with the universal favorite is dermal fillers.  

How Wrinkles become more prominent with time 

Many factors contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and their increased prominence with time. The phenomenon is primarily attributed to loss of volume. Bone density deteriorates, hyaluronic acid production decreases, and fat compartments beneath the skin begin to deplete, causing the skin to sag and fold in creating wrinkles that become more apparent with time. 

What are dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are procedure where a gel is injected to target areas to provide them with volume, thereby tackling the underlying issue of volume loss and rejuvenating the face. 

The components of dermal fillers comprise of anesthetics and hyaluronic acids, naturally occurring sugar molecules that become susceptible to increased metabolism by the body as we age. The functions of hyaluronic acid sugar molecules are to retain water molecules, adding thereby moisture and volume. However, unlike the body produced sugars, hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers is made to be more resistant to body metabolism, lasting thereby, for longer periods. The results can last anywhere between six months to a year, depending on individual differences in terms of metabolic process. Those of course are temporary fillers, on the other hand, there are treatment options for permanent fillers but it is not advisable to seek them. Your facial features are constantly changing, and sticking to a filler performed many years ago might distort your proportionality and erase the natural effect of the treatment. 

Including consultation and procedure, the session could last anywhere to one hour or an hour and a half. 

What to expect after dermal fillers? 

Usually, the results are immediate, you’d notice the difference in volume and the increased hydration in the skin. There might be minor bruising and swelling that should subside after 3 days. 

You may resume with your daily life instantly after procedure. No pain will be felt during or after the procedure. However, the full effect of the treatment becomes visible within two weeks.

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