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 Ibiza Gran HotelOur Hotel Hotspot Ibiza Gran Hotel is your five start party central location without the noise. If you are in Ibiza to party or relax in style you will want to book this hotel, because you never know who you might run into in the lobby. This hotel has everything you need in Luxe style, it is the after the party after party location on the strip of Ibiza town. The location is footsteps away from some of the  biggest clubs in Ibiza, which means DJ’s love to choose it as their residents while staying in Ibiza for gigs. The hotel has everything they need; art deco layout, suites fit for kings, swimming pools, spa, three resturants and anything else you can think of.  Luckily the party stays at the clubs across the street and does not follow you home unless you want it to. Party  in totally privacy in one of their amazing luxury suites for your own special afterparty.

 Ibiza Gran HotelOn our tour of the hotel we discovered the richness of the art displayed around the hotel. This concept hotel has transformed the hotel’s facilities into a living flowing space for contemporary art, inspirited with the five elements, earth, air, life, water and sky. These are the elements, which inspired the group of 28 contemporary artists who have helped to shape the ambience of the Ibiza Gran Hotel. You might want to call it an adult theme park/art gallery. Ideal for rainy days in Ibiza, like on our trip. We stayed at the hotel on the only day we saw grey skies. The universe must have known our skin needed a break from the sun, to spend a day in the amazing spa. We relaxed in the different heated and non-heated pools, sauna, Zen rooms while sipping on herbal teas.

TRAVEL TUESDAY: Ibiza Gran Hotel

The Ibiza Gran Hotel spa  puts you in the right hands and allows you the serenity of loosing yourself for a day with natural treatments and soft hands. The hotel offers guests treatments, spa rituals and other ways to unwind with the traditional mix of hospitality, bespoke services, and discretion, to help pamper both body and mind. We decided to bring books and read in between dipping into the pools or hiding out in the different sauna rooms. The hotel offers different packages deals that include spa & suite deals.

 Ibiza Gran HotelThe hotel is a great place to meet, eat and  gamble a little. Yes, they have three restaurants, one poolside, two in house and a casino. You can choose a light lunch by the pool; dine at the COSTA MARA RESTAURANT the most versatile. Where you can taste local dishes as well international cuisine, made with the highest quality raw materials. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served with an exceptional wine list. Or try out LA GAIA keep the vibe going with a little, food, music and more art. This restaurant is open late for night owls. The bar lounge offers a wide selection of cavas, wines, alcohol-free beverages, cocktails and mixed drinks. This is complemented by an avant-garde selection of sushi by thier expert sushi man, ceviche, snacks, salads, tapas and desserts. At La Gaia you can also get to know the Ibiza of the 70’s through an illustrative exhibition by the photographer Tony Keeler, which is on permanent display there. Just remember to leave room for dessert where every you choose to go for something to eat while at the hotel. The presentation is five star, so you might not want to eat it because of how pretty it looks.  Yet, it sure makes lounging by the pool more enjoyable with light snacks.



Paseo Juan Carlos I, 17
07800 Ibiza España

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