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We continue our travels through Turkey and this time we end up for three more days in a boutique hotel in Alaçatı the BeyEvi , located in Alaçatı Turkey. The hotel has such adorable English Country side décor.  We found another hotel with the female traveler in mind.  We ladies need space to get ready and this hotel considered the needs of women.  Just look at this bathroom that awaits you. 

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

The minute we walked in we are welcomed with smiles and afternoon tea, turkish of course. Decorated to make you feel at home with a comfy sofa and coffee table with books to curl up and read in the common area, or you can go have a lazy after sitting by the pool. After one night spent here in pure bliss, I decided I would come back and write my book here. Have you been searching for a place where you can truly getaway and escape from the everyday life? We found it and, totally suggest the BeyEvi Alaçatı ,Turkey. This boutique hotel is for a romantic weekend or week. Leave the kids at home and pack a swimsuit, casual cool clothes, and sexy pyjamas.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı TurkeyHotel Hotspot| Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

The two restored Greek houses and carefully designed with guests in mind at this English Country side styled boutique hotel in Alaçatı. The hotel enjoys unique architecture and has fifteen charming rooms which include the Junior Suite, the Classic, and the Deluxe. Each room is furnished with ultra modern style. A simple and relaxing décor is enhanced by such features as beautiful wooden floors, fireplaces, and traditional stone walls. 

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

The hotel is perfectly designed to ensure that a feeling of comfort and relaxation is always present and is seamlessly integrated into the historical values of the hotel and of the town itself. Each room was thought out and again we found another boutique hotel, that had a women’s touch. Open the windows in the rooms and look out over the terrace with a pool view, or watch the locals walk by on the small road while jazz music welcomes new guests.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

From the toiletries in the room, to the space you have to organise your personal items in the rooms you will have found a Turkish hide away. You might not want to leave after you get settled in. Enjoy the full Turkish breakfast with locally sourced food, lunch and diner at your feet. The brick oven pizzas are a must try, the cook has been making them for years. They also come savoury and sweet!

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey


Year round, candles are placed on each step of the lobby entrance, lighting the way to the pool as evening falls. As well as serving as a seasonal hotel, BeyEvi Alacati is open to guests looking for a break throughout the year. When you are ready for dinner, just follow the candlelight to the delightful Fuoco Restaurant with its wood-fired oven in the centre of the courtyard.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

The eclectic menu offers pizza, Turkish pita and many pasta varieties along with delicious salads made with Aegean greens, local delights like meatballs and sliced beef. The in-house Fuoco Restaurant also serves superb  Turkish pita along with its tasty meatballs and legendary French fries.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

While staying at the BeyEvi Alaçatı enjoy the spacious courtyard that takes you back in history and discover the days of the Roman influence. In a village that is wonderful to venture out and check out the local shops for trinkets and eat the local sea food.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

Now do you understand why, I want to write my book here. It is so tranquil, the small town and our home away from home for a few days was another hotspot for us in Turkey. While staying here and catching the last of the summer sun, we could not wait to hit the pool, eat the in-house brick oven pizzas and retire to our rooms to relax, read books and not catch up on our emails.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

Bey Evi Alacati, which reigns in serene comfort amidst the dynamic streets of Alaçatı, is actually only 350 meters away from the town center. It is located at walking distance to the popular Alaçatı Bazaar as well as to the restaurants, cafes, bars, and art galleries where the social life of the town takes place.

Boutique Hotel BeyEvi Alaçatı Turkey

Downtown Alaçatı is closed to traffic in summer but the hotel is conveniently located so that you can reach BeyEvi Alacati by car. Convenient parking space close to the hotel is available. The closest airport to Alaçatı is İzmir’s Adnan Menderes Airport. Transfer with a chauffeured vehicle is available upon request. There are also mass-transport options, depending on the season.

 Alaçatı the BeyEvi

Yeni Mecidiye Mahallesi Kemalpaşa Cad, No:126
35950 Alaçatı / Çeşme / İzmir.

+90 (533) 602 16 00 | +90 (232) 716 80 85

+90 (533) 602 17 00

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