Horoscopes September 25th, 2017 & The Week Aheadd

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Astrological Footprint September 25th, 2017 & The Week Ahead

The Horoscopes for #MONDAY, 25th, opens a week with great challenges. The theme of these next days will be communication and the way we respond to amazing events. 10 AM GMT and you may get a half-crooked message. Go ahead.

This Week’s horoscopes

Discussions via computer or mobile are on the agenda of the week. Be wise! Use the media very well and know when to move away. Close to 4 PM GMT, business with the outside lock. Up to 7 PM GMT, notice how the blockades are installed. Accept patiently a drop in the online system. If you hear the phrase, “The system crashed,” just smile. Sometimes big financial losses are avoided because the technology failed at the right time. The day is not conducive to speculation. Train patience, flexibility and that quiet piece of inner Eternity. Signs in a good mood today #aquarius #gemini #sagittarius #virgo

#TUESDAY, 26th, stay within the routine. The Moon in Sagittarius feels pressure when trying to rebel. If you do not dare, you can have a quiet day.

#WEDNESDAY, 27th, Crescent Moon in Capricorn, a great day. Avoid meetings after 9 PM GMT. Words can be misused.

#THURSDAY, 28th, attention at Midnight. Impaired Communication At 7:30 pm GMT. Pluto returns to its direct motion. It is the end of any pending theme.

#FRIDAY, 29th, a good day with tensions after 10 PM GMT.

#SATURDAY, 30, light day with Moon in Aquarius.

#SUNDAY, Oct,1st, improvement in communication. Stay focused on reality. Some news highlights the past, at 11:30 pm gmt.

#LOVE goes through great turbulence. The 27th and 28th are complicated for #SINGLES and married. Uranus brings contingencies that put the relationship in check. Only on Saturday,7PM gmt, the astral improves. And it lasts very little. 7AM gmt of Sunday returns the tension between the couples. It’s a week to train flexibility in relationships with the mighty Moon in Capricorn.

#Alert of violence for the Planet on  26th and 28th of Septemberand 01st of October.


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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