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Astrological Footprint September 22nd, 2017

Horoscopes call for a very good Friday! Eyes open at 2 PM GMT. Promises without foundation can jeopardize a whole job. The Moon, still in Libra, diplomatic to the extreme, agrees with everything.


You even agree with what does not exist because Jupiter and Kiron are in confrontation. Between Noon and 4 PM GMT, news changes the direction of the economy, the Planet, and the people. Wait! The magic moment is 6 PM GMT. Pluto and Mercury revolutionize an ancient, stagnant thought. It’s a change of pattern! Almost a miracle!

The New Moon, already in Scorpio, collaborates with mediumistic insights and brings to the Earth high inspiration. Moment to talk about the future, about new solutions and how to build without destroying. Will Korea hear any inspiration from the Cosmos? It’s what we hope for. Signs in a good mood today #scorpio #taurus #capricorn #virgo #gemini #aquarius #libra

#Money # BUSINESS MONDAY, the 25th, it’s a confusing day. Do not leave business pending. Securities traders and hedge funds should decide a position that will not change on Monday because the astral does not facilitate movement safely.

Over the weekend, #LOVE warms up on Friday at MIDNIGHT. Venus and Moon in Scorpio create the scenario of conquest. #SINGLES are at odds until 5 PM on Saturday. Between 5 PM and Midnight on the Saturday, illusions, and deceptions occur.

Married men should avoid new plans at this time. Saturday also has opportunities after 10 PM. Now, the astral provides active communication between peers, intellectual attunement that activates the sensuality of #MOON. And to close Sunday, Kiron arrives with pardon among the couples and heals the hearth at8PM. FERTILITY is high. Wonderful Weekend!

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