Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes September 14th,2017

Astrological Footprint Horoscopes September 14th,2017

The horoscopes call for a #Waning MOON in CANCER. Whoever wakes up before 10 AM GMT, wakes up in the unsteady mood. It’s Mars action. The day is good after10AM GMT. The air is lighter in all environments. There is room for the themes of family, home and many are with the mind on vacation.


The famous plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve warm up the hotel market and negotiate real estate. Uranus shakes the Planet at 4:30 pm GMT. A shock is good. We wake up fast from the cancer unsteadiness. Around 6:30 pm gmt., we can embark on an illusion.

It may be a dream planned by Neptune and Moon in the element of water. A deep desire manifests itself. If it is not possible to do it now, at least make contact with your self. Everything goes very well until Midnight. At that time, Pluto creates obscurity. It starts the week of accelerated weight loss.

Balanced #Diet and physical exercises receive help from the waning moon. A good phase for #hair removal. ALL SIGNS in good mood.

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