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Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes great attention to Mercury on Tuesday. The responsible for thinking and speaking is under pressure from Kiron, the healer. The conversations may not heal. This happens between 3 PM GMT and 4 PM GMT.


How the Day Unfolds

SCORPIO Horoscopes

After that moment, everything flows. At 0:30 AM of the 10th, Mercury enters Scorpio. The dialogues are deep and sensuality is part of the game of words. Get ready to be hit on by Whatsapp and messenger. The Moon enters Scorpio after 03:00 AM of the 10th.

It’s the NEW MOON. IT’S THE MOON IN SCORPIO that increases libido, sexual arousal and makes conquest run wild. With Mercury thinking in a sensual way and the Moon relating by the senses … we have a very lively Tuesday. Have a good time! #Fertility is high.


#GEMINI #VIRGO #AQUARIUS should redouble their caution when speaking on this day.

ING BALSAMIC MOON in LIBRA. It is the end of a Lunar Cycle. A phase of gathering, auditing and meeting results. What to do on this day?

End stagnant relationships, terminate employment bonds, let something die completely.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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