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Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes with BALSAMIC MOON in LIBRA. It is the end of a Lunar Cycle. A phase of gathering, auditing and meeting results. What to do on this day? End stagnant relationships, terminate employment bonds, let something die completely.

How the Day Unfolds

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It’s a dark moon day. Nothing new is done. You do not start a business, let alone make a proposal. As Tuesday starts, with the NEW MOON, you’ll feel the energy to start something. Then you go to your personal battle.

The day is warm and slow. Only in the last hour of the day can we invigorate ourselves. As Neptune participates in the movement of the Moon, we become dreamers and idealists. On such days, the #financial markets also move slowly. It is best to save your strength for the 09th.


LOVE has good times in the week. The New Moon in Libra, between Monday and Tuesday brings harmony to couples who are conniving. On Wednesday, tense moments. Both SINGLES and those in relationships can be confused with momentary attraction. Think about it … it may seem like something special, but it’s Mars in action. In 24 hours you won’t feel the attraction anymore. On Friday, more attention is paid to the past. Old loves can resurface. It is not a good time to resume a relationship. Let go.


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