Style Cartel Horoscopes October 22nd, 2018 & The Week

October Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes for MONDAY opens the week with the spirit of the Waxing Moon in ARIES. Power to start things. It’s a week to move, to act, to create and to spread. Good time for #INVESTMENTS and financial speculation.

This Moon is the ideal for the most daring. The day goes on like this, lively and with surprises at dusk. At 7:10 PM GMT, Mercury in Scorpio transforms thought. It’s deep! It’s not a change at all, it’s a change coming from the bottom. It’s positive!

Receive the help of Pluto in Capricorn. When we have Pluto and Scorpio in the middle, we know that transformation is right because it is necessary. There is always some evolution in this process. Let’s take this good time to make something of ourselves.

Beyond the Planet to seek Evolution, let us seek in our routine a habit that can be changed. This is the proposal on Earth. Live, learn and change with experiences.

Then we return to the Cosmos with experiences that we deposit into the Akashic memory. Our descendants will be able to go there and get those memories. Our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even ourselves, who knows … All SIGNS animated.

How the Week Unfolds

Aries Horoscopes

TUESDAY difficulties after 11 PM GMT.

WEDNESDAY Full MOON excellent period between 1 PM GMT and 10 PM GMT for signing agreements, contracts and partnerships. Buying and selling real estate and cars. Good for branding!

THURSDAY best moments between 1 PM GMT and 4 PM GMT. Softness in relationships.

FRIDAY a good day, but complicated for business. If you can make a profit, it’s because you made a miracle.

SATURDAY is a day of strengthening the structures. All that is serious and within the Law receives the benefits of the Sun. Saturn and Sun in full harmony at 3 PM GMT.

SUNDAY tensions and violence between 4 AM GMT and 7 AM GMT. Good times between 7 AM GMT and 5 PM GMT.

LOVE also transforms into the position of Saturn and Venus. Marriages become more solid and libido increases. #SINGLES may be surprised. That crush, which seemed only momentary, becomes serious dating. Wow! You, who have been playing with your heart, can be involved and engaged. Those who want to get married should take advantage of Wednesday’s energy to make the proposal! Be happy on Earth

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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