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October Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes Good times between 9 AM and 2 PM GMT. There are inspiration and lucidity. Group feeling is strengthened and we have support on Earth.

How the Day Unfolds

AQUARIUS Horoscopes

This harmonized astral between Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius loses strength after 2 PM GMT. It gets ugly around 5:23 PM GMT. Do not be alarmed if you have to watch a couple of people fighting on the office floor because of opposing ideologies.

It is the action of Mars disharmonious to Mercury. At dusk, the MOON enters Pisces and the astral is mild. SIGNS in a good mood today #sagittarius #leo #pisces #cancer #aquarius #taurus #capricorn

LOVE has a great time since the evening of Friday until 9:30 PM GMT on Saturday. The feelings are in evidence. Romance and delicacy mark relationships.

THE #SINGLES seek a new love and show little interest in overwhelming passions. Another magical moment for the heart comes on Saturday at Midnight. Enjoy this moment to declare yourself. The communication is perfect at dawn between Saturday and Sunday.

Couples talk a lot and talk about love. Until the last minute of Sunday, the astral is pure cuteness. The first minute of Monday, it’s goodbye cuteness. Sun and Moon in disharmony. Better for the couple to be asleep.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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