Style Cartel Horoscopes October 15th, 2018 & the Week Ahead


Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes MONDAY THE LAST DAY OF NEW MOON. If you have not planted your Lunar Cycle, do so today. The day begins with good energies.

How the Day Unfolds

CAPRICORN Horoscopes

The MOON in Capricorn is cool in approach but receives, at 11 AM GMT, the influence of Mercury and Venus. Good to execute something transforming with solid bases. Today the thinking is about long term. A magic moment between 8 PM GMT and 9 PM GMT.

The deals made in those 60 minutes are fundamental to the Lunar Cycle. It’s also a good time to communicate with someone in the social group. Happy hour can bring excellent professional contact. Immerse yourself in this Mercury energy. Exchange ideas, talk, listen carefully and give opinions based on previous research.

As the sky has a good dose of #CAPRICORN only speak if you are sure. Show your professional and consistent side. Avoid silly pranks and themes you do not master. The sky is perfect for a successful evening.

TUESDAY Avoid decisions between 6 PM GMT and 8 PM GMT.

WEDNESDAY a difficult day. Exercise patience.

THURSDAY difficulties in investments. Problems with technology or in the actions of technology.

FRIDAY good times until 3 pm GMT.

SATURDAY a good day.

SUNDAY a good day.

LOVE gets an extra boost from the Astral. On Monday, Venus and Mercury meet for a facilitating conversation. Enjoy the sunset and open your heart. #SINGLES can rethink the romantic and emotional patterns and change some questions about the theme. On Friday, a romantic sunrise. Neptune collaborates a lot. Meanwhile, the dusk is complicated with the action of Mars. Avoid unnecessary fights. ALERT of violence for the Planet on October 18th and 19th

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

The Monthly Recap



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