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The horoscopes today, FULL MOON in TOURO this Saturday with interesting challenges. Are you ready to dock your ship and abandon the uncertainty of the ocean? Sun and Neptune raise the waves that bring you back to the open sea.

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And now? It is the week to decide whether to stay on the ship until the waves pass by, if you insist on landing even with scratches or if you leave the boat and launch yourself into the sea. Some theme will be crossed by you. At this crossing, you will have to choose security or insecurity, guarantees or risks. Know which area of your life will be most moved by this Moon. Let your crossing be in proportion to your arms.

#ARIES Think about financial security and what’s really needed
#TAURUS strengthen your integrity, your values of Life and never abandon the Self
#GEMINI think and rethink your life path, your choices and position yourself


#CANCER rethinks friendships and social platforms you participate in
#LEO organize your work and be ready for demands
#VIRGO think and rethink your beliefs, your faith and seek deep study

#LIBRA accept support, share the power and responsibilities
#SCORPIO analyze partnerships, relationships and resolve wedding themes
#SAGITTARIUS be faithful to the chosen vocation. Escape from the corruption of values.

#CAPRICORN choose only one area to act and put your strength into it
#AQUARIUS reinforce the structure of Home and block external influences
#PISCES think the best way to make yourself understood without so much effort

Some surprises around Noon shake your Saturday and dusk returns to be full of dreams. The fattening and retention of liquids begin. Moderate the eating and exercise to dilute the excess energy received from the Cosmos. All signs at a moment of choices.

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