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Today’s Horoscopes

#MONDAY horoscopes, the day to end the 7-year cycle of Uranus in Aries. After 7 years, avoid taking radical actions. The Moon does not cooperate in the waning phase. Follow your goals as if you did not know that tomorrow a new period begins in your life.


The Horoscopes Unwinds for the week

Aries Horoscopes


Uranus and Mars, in their 29 Degrees, give a desperation to change the life, home, relationships and the Planet. Anything done today, in imprudence, may fall tomorrow. Take the time to thank the lessons you have learned in these 7 years and celebrate the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

The Week Horoscopes 

After 7 PM GMT, avoid big business and decisions. Neptune brings deceptions and some fears without foundation. Signs in a good mood today #sagittarius #virgo #capricorn #libra #gemini

#TUESDAY, 15th, the best day for business, buying and selling of real estate and durable goods. IT IS TIME TO INVEST in the long run. Buy now to sell in November 2018. Active trade. NEW #MOON in TAURUS. An opening of a 7-year cycle with Uranus in Taurus.

TAURUS Horoscopes

#WEDNESDAY, 16th, Mars goes to Aquarius. Good times between 11 AM GMT and 7 PM GMT. Avoid trading something after 7 PM GMT.

#THURSDAY, 17th, a magic moment at 2h50AM GMT. Business and #investments on the rise. Personal relationships greatly benefited until 6:30 PM GMT.

#FRIDAY, 18th, enjoy the time between 1 PM GMT and 3 PM GMT to solve your life. Clear communication, focused mind and contractual guarantees.

#SATURDAY, 19th, Venus goes to Cancer. Have a nice day.

#SUNDAY, 20rh, constraints and inflexibility mark the day.

LOVE receives good influences this week. The New Moon facilitates the beginning of relationships. #SINGLES can enjoy the sensuality in Taurus and invest in a new romance. Venus increases the need for partnership and everyone looks for someone to date and even get married. This is a great time to define the relationship.

#ALERTS of violence for the Planet on the 15th,17th,19th and 20th of May.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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