Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for March 6, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

Mercury and Venus go to ARIES for today’s horoscopes. New life in several sectors. New thoughts, a new way of expressing feelings and new business relationships.

Daily Horoscopes

An auspicious moment for all. The #Moon in Scorpio holds this primary energy a bit and asks that all catharsis be done until dusk of March 7th. Only after this inner mutation will we truly feel the energy of the impulse. Loves at this moment are based on momentum and there is a tendency to infidelity.

Business relations may seem extremely profitable but do not match the work demanded. Venus stays in Aries until March 31st. Mercury, until May 13th because it will make its retrograde movement, spending more time on that sign. How can we deal? When you get an idea, let one night go by. Sleep and re-evaluate the next day. The suggestion for Aries always is: between two days, there is one night. Use it wisely! All SIGNS looking for new things.


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