Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for March 5, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

Dawn full of tension. Uranus, Moon, and Mercury bring unforeseen and unpleasant irritation. Let’s slow down. We count on the calm of the  Interior Eternity.


Daily Horoscopes

It’s still Monday. #Moon goes to Scorpio and walks freely. Here on Earth, we feel more peaceful after 3 PM GMT. Venus and Mercury say goodbye to Pisces and can scrape the pot, asking for the ending of a tendency.

The FULL MOON continues until March 8th and situations need to be defined. What has to overflow, overflows. The tendency of the Full Moon in Scorpio is to search the depths of a subject and bring it to the confrontation.

Taboos, dilemmas, fears, and transformations need to be discussed by the 8th. Do not avoid resolving issues. Take advantage of the opportunity that Monday offers and open your arms to the news that Tuesday will bring in Aries. SIGNS in a good mood today #Sagittarius #Capricorn and #Scorpio


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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