Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for March 11, 2018

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Sunday horoscopes with well-differentiated moments. Between 7 AM GMT and Noon, voltages coming from URANUS generate instability on the Planet. Mars’ aggressiveness in Sagittarius extends the steel war created by the United States.

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Until March 17th, we were amazed at the attitudes that dismantle the economy of the Planet. It is a good thing that Mars in Capricorn, after March 17th, puts an end to this dilemma and solutions appear. We can see President Trump alone in his decisions. Let’s wait. 2 AM GMT we live the #YOD between the Lunar Node, Neptune and the Moon.

They are hard demands about how we stand before the world and how we really are. A dilemma between Being and Not Being. After 3 PM GMT, SUNDAY is better. Each one taking care of their goals of centred form and with little desire of collectivity. It is not a day of much social interaction.

At the last hour of this day, Pluto and Moon join in Capricorn and bring some truth to be revised. #DIETS have good moments and the result is visible. Good stage to paint walls, reform, clean, organize, digitize and prune. Surgeries bleed less and the cropped hair now grows thicker and grows slowly. Hair removal and dying have longer durability. This is not the time to start something, but to count the results.





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