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Today’s Horoscopes

Horoscopes with FULL #MOON in CAPRICORN in contact with URANUS. It is a sign of freedom, abandonment of old habits and toxic relationships. Take advantage of this energy that overflows with commitment and responsibility and keeps your head here on Earth. The day has good times between 2 PM GMT and 6:30 PM GMT. Learn how YOU feel this Lunar change:

The Horoscopes & Signs

CAPRICORN Horoscopes

#ARIES expanded the ability to shine in the profession or get a job;

#TAURUS increase knowledge and contact with other cultures. Travel;

#GEMINI exalted ability to clear debts and organize finances;

#CANCER solid partnership meeting for work and exalted romance;

#LEO ability to change routine, habits, diet, and career;

#VIRGO increase of creativity and meeting of good partnerships. Eliminate toxic partners;

#LIBRA strengthening the Home. Take care of yourself with love. Abandonment of harmful habits;

#SCORPIO skill development and specialization in one theme. Increased earnings;

#SAGITTARIUS increase in earnings and organization of finances. Learn to save;

#CAPRICORN increased self-confidence and exalted potential;

#AQUARIUS perception of karmic resources and use of past learnings;

#PISCES strengthened in business and group orientation;


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE


The Monthly Recap

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