Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes June 24th 2017


Astrological Footprint 

Horoscopes New Moon in Cancer makes Saturday a day to stay at home, throw yourself on the couch or push furniture. Some will look for building materials stores, buy ornaments and flower arrangements.


June 24th Horoscopes

It’s good to take care of the Home. In the Home we elaborate our thinking and do the nocturnal unfoldings. We learn more sleeping than awake. Saturday has good energy.

Mars cheers and Kiron brings physical and emotional healing. Sweethearts are established on the earthly plane, but were already sealed in the Astral with the blessings of Pluto. It is karmic love!

Karmic love is love for VOLUNTARY action. No magic. Karmic love is love confirmed on Earth, programmed in the Astral between lives. And as can be stated here, it can be broken here.

Precisely because it is karmic. Everything changes at dusk. The Moon moves on to Leo and the Fire Element sets in firmly. The voice of the Authority imposes itself and the changes that will end until June 27th begin.

Justice and Laws take on a more severe tone. The Judges are in the spotlight and on June 27th they will give their sentences. The energy of this Saturday proposes #Peace on Earth and a quiet heart.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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