Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes June 19th 2017

Astrological Footprint 

Horoscopes for #MONDAY,day of success! Everything starts well at 1PM GMT in the positive encounter between Sun, Mercury and Lunar Node. The goals of the day are clear and communication RUNS. It looks like a miracle! People understand what you say!


June 18th  The WEEK and LOVE Horoscopes 

Be grateful for this moment. We start the week with a touch of magic. It is the influence of the three hurried Zodiacs: Gemini, Leo and Aries.

This trio moves and makes it happen. While one thinks, the other commands. The third arrives with the complete task. It is a day of bold gains with speculation and seriousness at dusk with the entry of #Moon in Taurus.

Advantages in business and real estate growth. Launch the new ideas only after the 23rd. Take the time to book a business or romantic lunch. It’s only Monday .. but anything can happen when the scenery is active. Good Business!

#TUESDAY, 20th, good day for business, good ideas, romance and finances.

#WEDNESDAY, 21st, good day with alert mind and good solutions for the family.

#thursday, 22nd, empty the schedule between 3PM and 11PM GMT. Confusions in the sky.

#FRIDAY, 23rd, New Moon in Cancer. Day for resumption and launches.

#SATURDAY, 24th, auspicious day for love and financial gain. Karmic encounters.

#SUNDAY, 25th, day with exacerbated emotional reactions and Holy wars.

#LOVE promises harmony this week. Days 20th, 23rd and 24th are perfect for couples. Family protection increases. #SINGLES live two magical days. On Friday they feel the urge to meet someone special and engage in a serious relationship. On Saturday, the Souls meet at random. Do not fool yourself. Dating started on that day is karmic encounters with challenges to the evolution of both. The week is especially romantic. Have a good time!

Justice on the rise on 27th of June. Punctual and certain actions by the Planet.

#Alert of Violence for the Planet on June 20th, 24th and 25th



Be happy on Earth NAMASTE


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