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Astrological Footprint June 16th 2017

Horoscopes major changes until November 22nd, 2017. Neptune, the Lord of the subconscious, retrogrades. Here on Earth, everything is clear. What will change in your daily life?

June 16th Horoscopes


You will see reality and realize what fantasy is. You will make accurate decisions about problems at work, at home and in the affective life. You will close contracts and dead marriages.


Look for financial organization and discharge of debts. It’s a phase with your feet in reality. Today, the disseminating moon in Pisces shares what has been achieved and creates future scenarios.


Everything is spread out on the table. It’s the right day to wash your crystals and give them the full moon wash. The fattening phase ends today.


It’s a good day to do detox of body and soul. Create a healthy menu for the waning moon, June 17-22. What about love at the end of the week? Warm Friday and Saturday.


Avoid deep conversations on Sunday. Enjoy life by two if the relationship is harmonious. If it is strange, the tendency is to be visible where the disagreements are. Free will to deal with the theme. Listen to messages that come from the unconscious.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE



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