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Astrological Footprint June 15th 2017

The horoscopes say we have arrived on a special day! It is the ANNUAL opposition between Saturn and Sun. The Sun, our guide on Earth, the one who shows where our soul moves confronts Saturn, the Lord of Karma.

June 15th Horoscopes

They will be opposite in the sky. We can count on a day of revaluation of Life. It can be extremely positive if it leads to a reflection on the responsibility we have about our past and future developments.


It can be negative if we understand karma as an unchanging burden. If the word Karma means DOING or INTENTIONAL ACTION, we have a great opportunity today: to make different or to remain confident in the chosen path. Only in 379 days, in June 2018, we will live this same event.

In addition to reflection from the Evolutionary point of view, we must maintain respect for Laws, rules and avoid confrontations with any kind of authority throughout this day. “I am the owner of my actions (KARMA), heir of my actions, born of my actions, related through my actions and I have my actions as a referee.

Whatever I do, for better or for worse, I will become the heir” Buddha, 486AC Good reflection for all Signs.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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