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Astrological Footprint  June 12th 2017

#MONDAY horoscopes, Moon in Capricorn, brings a challenge: quick adaptation. You have up to 6PM GMTto organize the week’s tasks. Little time, right? Yes, very little. After that, we face great challenges in communication. Phones and computers work well.

June 12th

The drama is in the interpretation of the messages. Mercury operates throughout the week and the confusions increase until Friday, the day of the Disseminating Moon in Pisces. Imagine spreading that which is subjective. Does not work!

Still does not work on this evolutionary level. Knowing this, get up early on the 12th, anticipate the issues of the week, organize what is needed, and then administer. Watch during the week the come and go of Justice. Words, words, words .. Good week to all the signs that adapt quickly.

#TUESDAY, 13th, avoid discussion and controversy. Complicated communication. Pay attention to the promises made at 3:40 PM GMT. They may look gigantic. And they may vanish on the Air element in a few hours.

#WEDNESDAY, 14th, mark a meeting for 11:28 PM GMT. It seems late, but in the weekly scenario it is the only time of astral magic for air and fire to be active. Unstable speculations. If you can, wait for New Moon on June 23rd to act.

#THURSDAY, 15th, avoid signing contracts or confronting authorities, parents, teachers and people in charge. Laws and rules in evidence.

#FRIDAY, 16th, day with truths on the table. Absorb reality slowly and decide nothing yet. Wait to communicate your perceptions at another time. Avoid inventory counting, inventory and auditing.

#SATURDAY, 17th, waning moon, with good times after noon. Healing of the relationships and confusions of the week.

#SUNDAY, 18th, day with good ideas and awakening of unique talents. Stay tuned for confusing communication. Filter your own words.

The #love in the week promises misunderstandings for misunderstood words. It’s time to talk less and let time pass or say everything and take the consequences. Sometimes silence is welcome.

When silence has become habit in the relationship, words can erupt like a volcano, burning everyone around. The ideal is not to read between the lines and work with the reality of the partnership. It is not this week that you will make changes in the relationship through long speeches. Let time pass.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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