Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes June 11th 2017

Astrological Footprint June 11th 2017


Hyperactive  horoscopes for Sunday until 5PM GMT. The #Moon in Capricorn puts everyone in action. In its maximum stage of illumination, it broadens safe horizons in the Earth Element.


June 11th

At this point, we work with the resources available. Everything is very real. After 5PM GMT, we lose that clarity and enter into the dissipations of Neptune and the Moon.

Plans can be changed. The scenery takes on a dense tone at dusk and dusk. In the conjunction of Pluto and Moon there is a search for the breakup.

It is an attempt to destroy the past. There are obsessive thoughts and the search for feelings that chastise. Relationships initiated at that time are possessive and limiting. Those who enjoy emotional manipulation find in heaven help to act on Earth.

Whoever is a victim of manipulators may see another attempt. Only this time, because you’re on alert, you can choose not to participate. Free will! A gift from the sky arrives between 5AM and 7AM GMT on June 12th.

Love and harmony for the lovers. May LOVE and Truth be on Earth. #Scorpio #Pisces #Cancer #Libra #Aquarius #Gemini must observe the thoughts.

Jealousy and betrayal appear, and may be only ghosts.

#Taurus, #Virgo and #Capricorn feel redoubled energy. Complete disposition.

#Aries, #Leo, and  #Sagittarius must observe the manipulations that occur.

In good time today #Sagittarius, #Leo,  #Aquarius  and #Libra


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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