Horoscopes July 24th, 2017 And The Week a Head

Style Cartel Horoscopes July 24th, 2017 And The Week a Head

Horoscopes for #MONDAY, 24th, comes with two antagonistic moments. We get up to the barriers imposed by Saturn and Venus. It seems that everyone decided to say “no” until 3PM GMT. Keep going during this NEW #MOON in Leo.


July 24,2017 & The Week a Head

The astral changes at 4h30PM GMT. Mercury and Uranus come with ideas, rebellions, unexpected solutions, moments of genius. Will Saturn be able to hold the leadership of Mercury in Leo in its last degrees? I don’t believe it! I imagine another scenario where you find alternative ways to dribble the “no” received in the morning. After all, we are on Earth, and the possibilities are both in matter and ethereal. Free will to use the mind assertively. All #signs feel this desperation to act, but #leo and #Scorpio #Aries must delegate. It’s too much energy and you can compromise.

#TUESDAY, 25th, a great day with leadership and courage. Success up to 7PM GMT. New Moon in Virgo. Plant your actions until July 30th.

#WEDNESDAY, 26th, delays and hiccups between 9 AM and Noon. Prosperity up to Midnight.

#THURSDAY, 27th, problems and surprises between 11AM and 1PM GMT. Schedule everything after 5PM GMT. There will be more success with New Moon in Libra.

#FRIDAY, 28th with good astral during the day and manifestations after the 10PM GMT. There is a tendency to exaggerate everything that is done after this time.

#SATURDAY, 29th, has obligations as early as Noon. They are social events, but they are part of your networking. Get Involved! Rest between 9PM and Midnight.

#SUNDAY, 30th, excellent day to have fun. Sensual and mediumistic moon in Scorpio.

#LOVE goes through interesting moves this week. Just pay attention. On Monday there is no climate. Saturn sets the distance between couples and singles and we can not even begin a conversation. Forget it, it is not a day to talk about the heart, let alone decide something. On Tuesday, neutral weather. Total silence. On Wednesday, uncertainty with Neptune. Everything seems difficult and the details get on your nerves. Thursday, after 11PM GMT, dialogue begins to exist. Friday, everything is going well and Saturday morning is good to hit situations. Break the silence of the week. The weather improves greatly for love after Midnight on Saturday. Venus and Uranus shake the hearts with the air element fueling the fire and the couples live animated moments, including on Sunday. July 31st begins the cycle of #weddings. Have a good time!

Violence Alert for the Planet from the twilight of July 26th to the dawn of July 28th. All day on July 30th.



Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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