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Horoscopes for September 2018

The horoscopes for September ask for calm on the planet? That’s what we’ll have in September 2018. After the Eclipses and many retrograde Planets, we feel life flow again. It may even seem like a fantasy, but it’s not. We have Mercury’s support in Virgo, New Moon in Virgo and Saturn returning to its direct movement in Capricorn.

It is the month to reorganize your routine, work, food and give up addictions. Until November 15th, you have the energy from Mars to solve issues that have been stagnant since June 26th, 2018. Please note that there are 45 days in which to sanitize your actions. What has not been fertilized before has every opportunity to happen now. Safe, concrete and well-crafted projects are easily accepted. There is no room for utopian or risky projects.

The Earth Element is active and everyone wants the guarantees. Offer this: guarantees. On the last day of the month, Pluto also returns to its direct motion. Life, here on Earth, gets easier.



Aries Horoscopes

You have 26 days to act. Between September 9th and October 5th, Venus and Jupiter expand your power. Finances are benefited. Lawsuits, insurance, and inventories flow better. It is your time to organize a business, invest and regain control of life. Remember to share and create a path to the prosperity of others. That’s the secret to thriving in September. Until the 22nd, take care of everyday life. Improve nutrition and eliminate harmful habits and addictions. Include times for rest. Every day is an opportunity to be happy. Apply that idea.

LOVE: excellent

Health: excellent



TAURUS Horoscopes

A lucky time. Mercury moves your most amusing side. You become light and see the Planet with this lightness. See opportunities for speculation and quick gain. The best phase is between the 5th and the 22nd. Work, earn money and remember to have fun in the process. Nothing has to be difficult or exhausting at this stage. New partnerships are welcome after September 9th. Venus facilitates relationships and business links. After the 22nd, take a more serious and restricted tone at work. It’s time for changes, big decisions and changed routine. If necessary, change your habits to suit the demands.

LOVE: excellent

Health: excellent


GEMINI Horoscopes

You need a clear focus. Your mind goes through a mist. It is retrograde Neptune. On November 24th, you need inner strength to pursue the profession. Focus on fulfilling the necessary tasks. Avoid new partnerships or big decisions. The timing is unclear and you can make a bad choice. Knowing this, renew your faith every day. Follow a balanced routine and do not cover yourself with great accomplishments. Until the 22nd, count on the help of the family. Fraternal relatives and brothers can ease your journey. Work done from Home is welcome. Home Office is your nook.

LOVE: stable

Health: excellent



CANCER Horoscopes

The theme for you is Marketing, Advertising, and Communication. Pay attention to financial opportunities between 01st and 06th of September. Mercury acts quickly. It’s either take it or leave it. Raise money in this period. Until September 22nd, immerse yourself in the techniques of Social Media. Be fluent, communicate lightly and let business happen by Whatsapp, messenger or email. The computer is your ally in this phase. Use it wisely. Between September 22nd and October 9th, focus on the work done by the Home. Home Office gets stronger and drives good business. Get Organized!

LOVE: stable

HEALTH: unstable


Leo Horoscopes

Enjoy the period between the 06th and 22nd of September. It is at this stage that Mercury moves your financial life. Control spending so that your resources increases. It is your moment of fast gain. Be ready for new challenges and invitations in different regions. If necessary, travel to work or conquer a new client. Home is benefited for the job. Many resolutions come from home and are applied with ease. The Home Office is the perfect place for you. Take time each day to connect with the Universe. Deepen your studies on faith. It’s a good month to get inspired.

LOVE: stable

Health: excellent


Virgo Horoscopes

The best month for your financial life. Mercury collaborates with you until October 9th. You have 39 days to raise money. Opportunities come in simpler ways, and you can focus your energies on the Home. With the profession organized, more time is left for the family and small changes in the house. Even if the family asks for much, remember to give yourself a gift. 2018 has been challenging for you. There has been no professional rest so far. Work has been theme day and night. Look at yourself, take care of your body and Soul and buy yourself a gift. New clothes or a new haircut.

LOVE: Unstable

HEALTH: stable


Libra Horoscopes

Great spiritual changes in September. Most of the ideas come from the Cosmos. You get all the information you need through prayer, meditation, or your spiritual practices. The Divine is very close. After the 22nd, all insights take shape and you’re part to the action. Divide your month into two parts. Until the 22nd,  capture knowledge. After the 22nd, action, and conquest. Mercury enlarges your intellectual capacity and everything is simple here on Earth. Issues that were pending are settled as easily as 1 + 1. Money comes easy after September 9th. This cycle runs until October 5th. Enjoy!

LOVE: excellent

HEALTH: excellent


SCORPIO Horoscopes

A month to call Yours! Mars in direct motion collaborates with your life. You take over the command and put things in the format you want. You’ve faced a lot of resistance since February. Now it’s the turnaround time. A spiritual opening arrives on the 22nd and continues for 30 days. Much inspiration comes from the Cosmos, joined to the force of Mars and Pluto on Earth. It’s your moment. Act, create and command. On September 30th, Pluto also resumes direct movement. In addition to being empowered, there are good financial opportunities and dynamism in the Home. The Cosmos smiles at you. Receive, thank, and share.

 LOVE: excellent

HEALTH: excellent



Enjoy every minute between 01st and 09th. This is the best phase of the month to make money. Move with tenacity and firm business. On the 06, turn to communication, marketing, and advertising. Be present at the events and create links with people. It’s a month of independence, but include friends in the projects. Mercury collaborates with you and places the technical data in your hands. Use them wisely. Cultivate intuition and flexibility. Use the technique, but do not forget the human potential. This is the secret to using Mercury in Virgo very well and to thrive until the 23rd.

LOVE: excellent

Health: unstable


CAPRICORN Horoscopes

September has two important phases for you. Between the 01st and 09th, negotiations with a fast financial return. Stay tuned and enjoy the opportunities. After the 22nd, Mercury accelerates your professional life. Another good time for finances. Business deals are made. You feel more excited about Mars entering your home than money. Keep your focus on the career and be ready to meet the relatives. The family brings some themes and you have to solve them. The last week of the month comes with a special brilliance for the career. Accept the changes in this sector and adapt.

LOVE: stable

HEALTH: unstable


AQUARIUS Horoscopes

Get ready to receive Mars in your sign on September 10th. The Planet of action and energy shakes your Self. You will have to deal with work and Home issues. Even if you want to concentrate only on the vocation, you will have to dribble the requests of the relatives. Balance these two sectors and everything will work out. There is a need to seek knowledge in other regions. It could be a trip to work, an online course or contact with someone from another country. Include relatives in the resolutions of the month and remember to participate in social groups. Friends bring opportunities and prosperity. There is money in their hands.

LOVE: excellent

HEALTH: excellent


Piesces Horoscopes

A great time for you. Mars, your Finance Planet, brings progress and good opportunities. After September 10th, Mars enters Aquarius and also moves your akashic memory. Meditate and seek solutions in your own mind. Listen to your intuition and avoid the opinion of others. If you can follow your inspiration, you will make contact with memories that open a shorter path to accomplishments. Use all the social and electronic media features. Much of September’s success depends on the computer and smartphone. Innovate, create and dare. The financial return is guaranteed if you are logged in!

LOVE: excellent

Health: excellent

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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