Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for November 13th, 2017 & The Week

Today’s Horoscopes

#MONDAY, horoscopes for the 13th, with bells of Love and compassion at dawn. The bells ring, the angels clap. This is how we feel existence on Earth.


The heyday of our worldly experience. Jupiter and Venus set in Scorpio create this beautiful scenery, visible to the naked eye at 8:15 AM GMT. The unconscious spouts information and sensations. Neptune and Mercury collaborate with the feeling of drunkenness at noon.


If you can enjoy every second of this morning to realize the world by the senses, perfect! If you work or study, you may have to work hard to keep your mind active. The come and go to events makes you feel on the roller coaster.


Enjoy this subtle energy and make the day on earth as splendid as it is in heaven. #Moon in Virgo can be the salvation of those who need concentration or those who deal with precise activities. Make it happen until 10:30 pm GMT. It can be an amazing day for GOODNESS! All Signs in a state of grace today.

Daily Horoscopes

#TUESDAY, 14th, Moon in Libra. A good day until 8 PM GMT.

#WEDNESDAY, 15th, voltages between 9 AM and Noon. Justice in action. Rebels after 10 PM GMT.

#THURSDAY, 16th, Moon in Scorpio. A day with little reality. Stay tuned!

#FRIDAY, 17th, radical changes between 5 PM and 7 PM GMT. Useless to explain the inexplicable. Pluto commands what has to be changed.

#SATURDAY, 18th, animated with Moon going to Sagittarius at dusk.

#SUNDAY, 19th, destructive clashes at Noon. Use reason.

LOVE in a wonderful moment on the 13th, 16th, 17th and 18th. Couples can sign a commitment or get married. #Singles in the phase of maximum conquest. Sunday, the 19th, with disruptions and discussions. It’s a unique week to love in depth and explore sensuality with your partner.

#ALERT of violence for the Planet on 14th,15th,19th and 20th of November.


If you do not know what your sign will feel, go to Monthly Horoscope

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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