Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for May 8, 2018

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The horoscopes say Wake up early! #MOON in Aquarius and Mercury in Aries support broad and flexible thoughts at dawn. Up to 11 AM GMT, you may already have mentally solved several issues. The day is very good for all activities.

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Despite the waning moon, it is possible to create much in an Aquarius scenario. Everything goes well until 11 PM GMT. There is greater irritation at nightfall by the action of Uranus.

The great boldness of this night is on account of Jupiter. Everything gets magnified when Sun and Jupiter confront each other. You can imagine yourself stronger, more powerful and exaggerating in measurements. There are no limits to your beliefs tonight.

We close the day with the Moon entering Pisces and there is a great change in the feelings. Moon waning in Pisces is a sign of recollection of feelings. It’s the night of the heart. There is no room to love much, but love is there.

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